How to Prepare for Exam in Less Time

By | July 28, 2019

Every student wants to know how to prepare for an exam in less time. There are students who may have ignored the studies throughout the year and now exams are scaring them like hell. For all those students tips on how to prepare for an exam in less time would be of great help.

I would like to tell you one thing that you can’t hope for full marks It’s possible only if you have got a good knowledge of the subject. First, an important task is to know your complete syllabus until the end.

How to prepare for exam in less time

1. Read the summary/conclusion (that is present at the end of every chapter). This will give you an idea of what the lesson talks about.

2. On a paper, write down all the important topics and key terms (if you’re totally new and don’t know anything, call and ask your friend).
Now, keep all your gadgets and sources of distraction such as mobile phone away.

3. Sacrifice with your sleep I am sorry for being direct and candid but it’s required to compromise with your sleep moreover it’s just for few days affair. study hard beyond midnight til you are fully exhausted. You’ll start enjoying study at night. The night is more peaceful and the best time to study. Drink coffee or something else to avoid sleep. Give it all you have.

Whenever you feel a lack of motivation to study long hours than always “think of the result “
Here’s a quote that I made during my exams to motivate myself;
No Pain No Gain.’

4. Then, thoroughly go through all the important topics and concepts along with key terms in your textbook, learn their definitions and their working or characteristics.

Please do not cram the topics rather understand the concept. It will take less time and if in the question paper, the question is twisted and asked in a different way then you’ll understand what the question requires and it will also change the way you write the answer. (Actually, you will be able to play with the examiner’s minds)

5. If you’ve more time, read the chapter, try understanding all the concepts. Leave some topics if you feel it’s difficult because you cannot afford to give extra time for learning something which is not easy for you.

6. Take Power Naps, it will give you some energy and makes you refreshed.

7. Leave some time for revision, you’ll at least answer what you know properly. While revising ensure that you read all the important questions without seeing the answer and try to answer them.

8. While studying, do not think/regret of the past, you can’t make changes to it. You only have the present to decide the future, not your past. All the changes can only be made in the present. Give it all. You only have this moment. Seize the moment. !!

Completely Forget about what you did in your last exam. Concentrate on the next, you have your future well within your hand!! 

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