How to Prepare for the Upcoming Board Exam without school/coaching

By | October 12, 2020

If you are Board students who are preparing for the upcoming Board Exam then this article is for you. Through this article, we will share about How to Prepare for the Upcoming 2021 Board Exam without school/coaching. As you know the 10th Board exam is going to be conducted in February and March tentatively. 

How to Prepare for the Upcoming 2021 Board Exam without school/coaching

Students preparing for the class 10th board examination 2021 can prepare for exams without school/coaching. We are providing tips about board exam preparation through self-study. 

Get Familiar with Exam pattern & Syllabus

Board students who are going to appear in the upcoming 2021 board exam should be familiar with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus. Knowing Board Exam Syllabus thoroughly is the first step which will help you to prepare well. 

how to prepare for exam at home

Marking Scheme of Question Paper, Exam pattern of the question paper give thorough details about Board Exam Question Paper. 

Prioritize Your Daily Task 

When students are preparing for the board exam without school or coaching then it becomes really important to prioritize your daily task. You may have different tasks to do in a day but prioritizing your most important task will help your exam preparation. Although all subjects are equally important but prioritize to devote more time to weaker subjects. 

  • Follow Study Routine

Students should make a proper student routine to follow for better preparation for the 2021 Board Exam. Plan Study Routine in such a way that you cover weaker subjects well. Study Routine should be prepared in the following syllabus of the board exam. 

  • Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Solving the previous year question papers as much as possible. It will help you with exam preparation well. Rectify and improve the weak areas of topics and subjects. Practicing previous year question papers will also help you in knowing the exam question paper more clearly and better planning. 

  • Revise regularly 

Though every student understands the importance of revision they don’t revise adequately. The regular revision will help you to consolidate your concept understanding. You don’t need to remember everything just before the examination if you are revising regularly. Pay special attention to small notes and important concepts during revision. 

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  • Spend less time on social media

 As you are preparing for board exams, you should know that what distracts your study routine. Social media is the biggest distraction you need to tackle. Social media distracts our minds to the extent where we can sway away from exam preparation. 

  • Clear your doubts on time

While preparing without coaching you should clear doubts on any topic or subjects instantly referring friends or teachers. Clearing your doubts on time will help you to smoothly follow your study routine. 

  • Take care of yourself

Though you may ignore it but taking care of yourself is important. You cannot afford to follow unhealthy diets or routines which can affect your health. An unhealthy body will affect your study plan as well. Do meditation or yoga regularly to keep your body energy high. 


Any sincere students preparing for the upcoming 2021 Board examination can score good marks without school/coaching. Student needs to follow the above tips and plan study accordingly. 

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