How to present an answer in exam with top tips

By | July 28, 2019

I assume that you are preparing well and able to understand each topic clearly. But do you know how to present an answer in exam? if not then there is a high chance that despite all your information if you will not be able to get good marks without knowing how to present an answer in exams. 

How to Give Answer of Question in Exam 

Keeping this common issue among students preparing for the board exams in mind, In this article, we are giving you how to present an answer in exam with top tips.  

How to present an answer in an exam with top tips 

Exams are around the corner and we all know that everyone in our family, relatives, friends, neighbors give us tips to do well in the examination. I have been through this so can understand your problem. 

Friends, It doesn’t matter whether you are going to appear for 8th standard, 10th, 12th or even college but you should know how to present an answer in exam. Without this skill, you won’t get good marks. 

Tips for Answer in Examination

Read question paper carefully: For some of us exam brings out nervousness, to the extent that we often forget to read the question paper carefully. Most of the nervous students read the question incorrectly plan out the answer and start writing it then realize their mistakes.

Understand the questions correctly: In the whole process they students lots of precious time of examination.  If you are going to appear for an exam the ensure that you read the questions correctly without mistake. Once you understand the questions then only plan out the answer and write it down. 

How to Began Answering in Exam 

Plan the structure of the Answer: Students in the exam hall often read the question hurriedly and start writing answer immediately this is not the correct approach. After reading the question you should think about the answer and structure your answer. 

Suppose there is a question of an essay about Science Boon or Bane then before writing down you should know how you want to start the answer (Introduction of the essay), moving forward to how you are going to explain about the advantages of science then some hazards related to science thereafter comparing its pros and cons giving it proper conclusion.

Students who don’t read questions carefully and answer without a plan often end up with a not balanced answer such kind of answer will not give you full marks. 

Write in an easy to understand language: Try to write in a language that should be clear easy to understand. Exam checker who checks your answer sheet has to check hundreds of answer sheet in a day. So they are looking for a correct answer in an easy to understand the language from you. Using complicated words will reduce your chances of getting more marks. So always use words which are clear and easy to understand. 

Example of Having Answer in Easy language 

I am giving you the prime example of day to day life. If I ask you to narrate the story of a movie that you watched and some documentary you saw last night on TV. There is a chance that you will be able vividly to recall all the characters of a movie and its story than a documentary. Reason being simple i.e the language of the movie is easy to understand than history documentary. 

Make Answer Attractive & Easy to understand 

Make use of Diagrams, Charts, Quotes: Your answer look more presentable if you use diagrams, charts wherever required. Diagrams say a thousand words so always make diagrams it gives the message that you thoroughly understand the questions but don’t overdo it. Take the reference of some great sayings as Quotes in your answer 

Review your Answer: Before leaving the examination hall always ensure that you review your answer. All students even topper can make mistake but smart students always review their answer and make required corrections in their answer sheet. Make it a habit to recheck your answer sheet. 

Conclusion: These are some important tips on how to represent an answer in an exam with top tips. If you want to know more then let us know in the comment section. 

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