How to score good marks in 10th / 12th Board Exams

By | October 31, 2019

Hey, students are you looking for the tips to score good marks in NIOS board Exam. Here going to guide you about how to score good marks? Are you doubtful on your preparation and want more bits of help and suggestions?

How to Score High Marks in NIOS Board Exam?

Many students wish to make good results but are very much worried and confused about it. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks for making amazing results in your 10th and 12th NIOS board exams. Before clearing all your doubts and questions, let’s check out some basics of the NIOS board. 

National Institute of Open Schooling popularly knows by Open school. This schooling system is one of the largest Open Schooling systems for Secondary and Senior Secondary students. It is a Central Government’s initiation and it is itself Board. It’s headquarter is situated at Noida and regional offices are situated in all states.

Open School Secondary and Senior Secondary Exam Preparation Tips 

NIOS, like other boards, also conducts inter exams, NIOS gives freedom to opt subject and study from their own comfort zone. The best part of this board is given flexibility for taking admission.

Now, coming to all your doubts and strategies, here are some tips and tricks for you to make an incredible result in NIOS board Exam.

Tips for Open School Students for Board Exam 

  1. Your big target should be divided into small-small sub-target to make better than your previous results.
  2. You should give a proper allocation of time to each and every concept according to the syllabus subject wise.
  3. First, do self-analysis and find your weaknesses and start giving more attention to that.
  4. It is also important to take proper guidance from the seniors, subject teachers, and students who passed the exam with good marks from the same board.
  5. Make study time tale and while study your mind should not get distracted while studying. Your concentration must be fully in your studies.
  6. Always make a habit of self-study which will help you before the exams.
  7. In exam questions is given from the syllabus, Hence always study the part which is there in your syllabus.
  8. Additional study material: Study through the reference books but that’s just for extra knowledge and nothing else.
  9. Practise sample and model question papers which will bring great confidence in yourself by self-evaluation your preparation level.
  10. Always keep your paper neat and clean and write answers in short and easier languages.
  11. To make a good result, you need to have a nice speed and accuracy of writing.
  12. Prepare notes: while study for examination point of view make notes.

Bonus: How to Prepare notes for Exam Point of View +

Last but not least, I would like to say end up this article, Scoring good marks in easy by going through the proper planning, strategies and consistency.

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