How to Score good Marks in Bihar Board Exam | Tips and strategy for Score marks in BSEB Inter / Matric Annual Exam

By | September 19, 2018

Hello! the student you are students of Bihar School Examination Board and you are going to appear in the intermediate or matriculation examination this year and willing to know how to score good marks in the board exam. Board Exam of any education board student is very important time for giving a shape of their career as well their life. Board Exam Result becomes the milestone for the students to fulfill the dream and building their future. because careers of the students depend on the board exam results. 

How to score High Marks in Board Exam Tips 

If you have the good strategy for a score good marks in the board examination or way to score good marks in BSEB Exam then you rock over the exam and get your expected marks in the exam. On this page some of the useful idea of obtaining good marks in the Board exam. 

Tips and Straigery for Score good Marks

Start your study as much earlier possible as your course began. In schools teacher teaches you lesson syllabus wise on regular basis then you must understand your chapters and what the faculty teaches you. If you have doubt so clear on the regular basis. don’t leave any work for tomorrow because one time more work may become a burden.  if the chapter has been done, clear all the concept of chapter question answer.

Revise again and again

Revise again and again one-time learning is not enough the clear all concepts of any chapters. Hence students required to revise again and again for a score good marks. Because it will be also helpful for you to understand the chapter deeper and deeper and I make sure it will clear much more concept of that chapter and this they will surely help you to score good marks in the BSEB exam or any other exam.

Regular analyze yourself

After completing the chapter and Course content or syllabus read again them after that must analyze you. Prepare the exam question sets own self and answer them also check own self and give marks with honestly. The only test by coaching centers or school and Institute is not enough to for a practice of scoring higher marks in the Examination of Board or any other.

Revise Again 

After test yourself, you will come to the point where you will understand on which section of any chapter you need to read more. So revise the chapter again because some of the students don’t revise and result come that they unable to score good mark. If you will revise the chapter after one week then it will help you to recall all the points which you read and it you will also know some of the new points. Never ever forget to revise again and practice on a regular basis.

Cool down

Cooldown is the nature that when the exam comes automatic pressure comes over our mind. In this situation, some of the students only study and study. Do not take rest and avoid the fun, entertainment and talking with friends, this all become the parts of pressure. In the Pressure unable to give 100% attention to study or works, so never do this, take rest relax & enjoy the moment, enjoy the nature, enjoy playing with games. This all will help you to be cool down and you will surely feel relax It might be helpful for understanding everything in the very good way.

Study with Friends  

sometimes becomes under fair and think how will score good marks in board exam. For coming out this fear study with your friend or in Group this will help you in the many ways. In first of all, you will never feel bored while study you will enjoy the study. Some of the question your friends know solving in a very good way so you will learn to them and it may be you also know some question in a good way then you will tell them. In this Question-solving process, both will revise and understand perfectly.

Clearer all the concepts 

Clearer your all the concept for a score good marks in Bihar Board or other board examination. Students need to better understand the subject and index chapter & It is essential to make Clearerall your chapters concept especially in the Math, Physics, and Chemistry Clearer.  You have Clearer all the concept in this subject then and only then you can score higher marks in this subject and this will help to get 90+ Marks in Board Exam.  So make sure every chapter of these subject fundamental concept Clearer.

Last of year to Pre-Board 

Completing syllabus on the time last by December month and you have to any and how to give the final touch of your all subject preparation. Then revise Analysis, Clear the concepts. Practice with model paper and previous exam question papers.

Solid time management

If you are able to manage your time in a perfect way in your study then no one can beat you to get up higher and higher marks in the Board examination. While in the management of time must attention and take care of daily routine and the study plan which you have made. Give special attention on the subject in which you think you are sick.

Be Honest yourself 

Follow the routine honestly & given tricks might be very helpful for you to score good marks if you follow in your timetable and your daily routine. Ensure yourself with special attention for study clear all the concepts of the course book. Takes the suggestion of your teacher & advice from intelligent students in your group and their personal experience. Above given important tips & preparation of the 10th or 12th board exam is sufficient to score good marks. Be honest with work it will surely help to score highest marks in the examination.

Last but not least 

Students who are going to appear in the Board exam, especially they are Bihar Board students, they are suggested to prepare more and more objective type questions Because in the Board exam there are 50% Objective type questions asked. 

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