How to Score Good Marks in Board Exam Specially in English Subject

By | October 21, 2017

Achieving good marks in board exam is not difficult at all, But remember here are some of the important things which you need to know and it is hard work. It is necessary because without hard work and Smart ideas student cannot achieve good marks in board exam. Lack of Stuy, Hard work & Proper idea lead the students to get poor marks in Examination especially in EnglishEnglish is the number scoring subject but a large number of student got average marks. But there is also the huge number of students who Score 90 + mark. Here are the tips & advice for those students who scored outstanding marks in English.

How to Gain Good Marks in English 

If you also wish to score good marks in English subject which help you to obtain outstanding marks in Board Exam. Students required to remember some of the key points which are mentioned below. 

Proper Planning 

planning to make sure that you do not lose your track between. You must have to solid plan of study make a plan in a very beginning and follow it for the complete. Because we may be unable to do best at the last time. 

Study pattern

If you really want to achieve good marks in board exam, so remember one thing study is not a burden.  Hence need to enjoy the study by making the proper study plan with perfect study pattern. It gives you pleasure for study and understands subjects from starting to bottom.  The pattern can play a vital role for gain good marks in any subject especially in the English. Because if you know which chapter we need to know first then other and things will become easy to understand. 

Timetable want good marks, good marks in board, time table

Students need to make timetable and rules for the study. It will work as a solid pillar for study & very helpful for your complete syllabus. In the Daily Routine take care of every part of life like a personal, family health issue while making of the timetable for study and Daily Routine. 


Wish to score good marks in board exam then you must be a healthy, for this, you must be taken care of your health because without good health you will not able to a study perfectly. Because good mind lives in good health. The good mind will help you to be smarter and intelligent. So you must do not need to compromise with your health, For maintain good health you need to eat fresh and healthy food. try to ignore oily and junk food. Give some time for play game, exercise,  yoga etc and hang out with friends, it is the source of stay fit and healthy. 

Stress-Free Study 

A Proper study can be done only in the stress-free mind.  Hence do not take burden and stress of study so that start everything in the earlier. So that you do not need come in the situation of “अब पछताबे होत क्या जब पढाई का समय जाय और परीक्षा का समय आ जाय! “.  So friends at the last moment it will be difficult to obtain perfect marks in board examination. We suggest starting earlier finish early and revise again and again. 

Good handwriting 

Good Handwriting also helps to score some of the marks in the examination. If we write the question to answer in the proper way step by step in Good Handwriting, it becomes examiner to check out your intellectual power and they give full marks which answer deserve. 

 Tips for score good marks in English subject 

In our Exam first question comes from the Passage section and it said that passage is the highest scoring section in English subject. In this section, we need to least amount of effort for score very high marks. So students you can obtain makes by practice from 10 years previous question paper, model question papers & various Publication like K.D Sinha and some of the practical set from your school or coaching centers. If you are students of Bihar Board then must practice the model set which is published by the Anil Kumar ( Lakshay Coaching Samastipur). It will help you to understand English literature & grammar.

Note Making 

First of all, clear all the step about note making with more and more practice. So you can take good sample paper and start practice with that. which will help you to score good marks essay or paragraph when you write the paragraph quotation is in your own words.

Application Writing 

For any formal or informal application, first things are write in the format body & write with perfect heading with clear points. Write an application in your own words (Language) carefully.  When you write an application then make sure some of the points should be clear like why you are writing the application, whom you are writing,  write good sensible case. this all are some important things to mention in the application. 


Grammar in the English subject helps aspirants/students to obtain good marks in all section of English test. Before any exam clear all the basic concepts of grammar as per your syllabus. This will surely help you to score good marks in the Board examination as well all other examination. For improving your Grammer Knowlege you can consult to your teacher, take help from different types of grammar book as well notes which you made by yourself or received from somewhere else.


Students you must remember that 1/4 marks in the Board exam can be obtained by making good commands on Literature. For this read all the chapter and poem in a deep of your heart & understand that.  After reading of chapter make the summary of every lesson with writer and poet name and also practice with questions based on that chapters. 

important points 

This all things which above given all are important points which will help you to score good marks in board exam. When you follow these steps no one can stop you to scoring good marks in board exam. Best of Luck with good wishes….! 

If you wish to share any suggestions idea or feedback please fill free to write us through the comment.  

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