How to Score Good Marks in Science Subject || Tips and Way to Score Good Marks in Science

By | September 3, 2018

Hello Students, I hope you are preparing well. Most of the students want to know How to score good marks in science subject? Science is an important subject for students. All those students who want to choose science stream after matric (Class 10th) should know How to score good marks in science subject. 

How High Mark Score in Science 

In this article, we are going to share a few important tips about scoring good marks in the science subject. 

How to score good marks in science subject?

Know your science subject syllabus: Usually, students start preparing for the science subject without knowing the science subject syllabus. Without the understanding of syllabus will end up with lots of times wasted on covering those topics which are not part of the science subject syllabus. So it is very important to know your syllabus first. 

Choose Right Study Material

Choose Right Study Material: Most of the time preparing for a science subject, students rely so much on various study material having no credential. So We will suggest you to always pick right study material and if you are not sure then always better to start your preparation from the book recommended by the educational board. For eg., If you are CBSE student then start preparation from NCERT books.

Know your Science Exam Format 

Know your Science Exam Format: After finalizing your science syllabus and study material next step is to know your science exam format. Exam format will give you the fair idea of which topics are important from the science exam point of view. How many questions will be asked, Marks distribution of each topic?

Understanding of Exam Format will help you in prioritizing your topics to be prepared for eg. topics containing questions of 5 Marks in the exam likely to have greater priority to read then that topic where questions are usually asked in 1 or 2 Marks.

Fix a specific time to study: You should fix up time scheduled to study the science subject. Without fixing up time you won’t be able to plan your preparation of study for a science exam. Moreover, if you find difficulty then more likely you will make excuses to skip the study of science subject. Having a fixed time to study will help you to keep on track.

Study with a proper plan 

Study with a proper plan: You should not start studying without a plan. Suppose you have fixed up 5 pm for science subject then now you should divide the study with small goals. Researches say “The average person can pay attention to approximately 45 minutes”. So study new topic for 45 minutes then take 5 minutes to break after break do 15 minutes revise of whatever you studied. This can be the ideal way to study where you are not only studying rather study with a proper plan.

Pay Good Attention in Class in Science Subject 

Pay attention in class: Most of the students have developed this habit of taking the classroom very lightly. They don’t take a heed to the teacher what they are teaching but that’s not the correct approach. Most of the important questions already emphasized by a teacher while teaching so if you will pay attention in the classroom then obviously you will know the important questions. More often than not those important questions always asked in the Science Subject Examination.

Practice Textbook Questions: I have seen many students give so much importance to reference book and so less importance to their Textbooks provided by Board. You should practice all the questions provided in the textbook. All the questions in the textbook are important, most of the questions asked in the science exam will come directly or based on the questions given in your textbook so never skip practicing textbook questions.

Solve Previous Year Question Paper: Solving previous year question paper will help you. Board prepares question paper based on same exam format so preparing from previous year question paper will help you immensely. Moreover, sometimes questions get repeated from previous year question paper so if you are in good luck then you will see the similar questions in your question paper.

Conclusion: You will definitely score good marks in science subject if you follow the above-mentioned tips to prepare for a science subject. Still having questions then let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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