How to score marks in the Practical / Viva exam

By | October 11, 2020

Some students score good marks in theory examination but couldn’t score good marks in their practical/viva exam. Various reasons are responsible for not scoring good marks in the Practical Exam. 

Through this article, we are going to the right approach about how to score good marks in the practical/viva exam. 

How to score good marks in the Practical/Viva Exam?

Below are tips to follow during the practical exam 

Perform Experiments in Practical Classes

Most of the students never pay attention to their practical classes conducted in school. It’s important to understand that if you are not understanding the practical concepts during practical classes then it will be difficult for you to perform Experiments in final practical exams. To perform experiments you need all instruments and apparatus which is not possible to have at your home. 

how to score marks in practical exam test

how to score marks in practical exam test

 Prepare Short Notes of Practical Classes

While performing experiments, though it seems quite easy to carry out any experiments in practical classes if you want to score good marks in practical exams then you should prepare shorts notes of practical classes. Short notes will help you during the final practical exam. Before going to appear for Final Practical Exams go through all the notes you prepared during practical classes. 

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Write the procedure of the Experiment in Answer Sheet

It’s important to write down all the procedures of the Experiments clearly in your Answer Sheet. Take care of all the calculations and steps followed in the experiment because your Answer Sheet will be judged and based on the quality of answer in the answer sheet your marks will be given. 

Make Neat Diagrams 

In Practical Exams, Diagrams should be neat and clean without any ambiguity. Your Diagram decides how well you know the Experiments and apparatus setting. We will suggest practicing well before the final practical exams. 

Tips to face Viva Examination

After performing experiments in the practical examination, the final task of students is to confidently face the viva examination. Viva is an important aspect of the practical examination. Most of the students never prepare for the Viva examination as they give less importance to the Viva examination. Below are some tips to face Viva Examination. 

  • Don’t get panic while answering the questions, keep yourself calm, and believe in yourself. 
  • Cover your subjects comprehensively to prepare for the viva examination. 
  • Don’t try to fool your examiner, if you don’t know the answer then accept it and move forward. 
  • Make your viva examination as interactive as possible. If you don’t understand the question asked by the examiner then you should politely ask to explain the question again. 


Appearing in Practical Examination enhances your knowledge. You should take the practical/viva exam more seriously to score good marks in the practical exam. 

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