How to study even in difficult situation

By | April 12, 2020

We all know that every phase of life is different and brings own set of challenges and opportunities. At some point in our lives, we realize that we will have to put extra efforts in our lives due to a difficult situation and it becomes worse if you are a student as you will have to tackle that difficult situation. 

More often students have to leave their study in between. In this article, we will talk about the tips on how to study even in a difficult situation so you get strength and courage to keep studying despite all the difficult situations in life. 

People will turn up into temples for spiritual growth, goes to the gym to remove stresses. I am not saying that these activities will not help but along with known strategies share unusual tips that help you to know how to study even in difficult situation.

How to study even in difficult situation

Write Down all your problems: It has been scientifically proven that writing down your problems will help you in dealing with the difficult situation. Let’s say you are struggling with financial problems so write it down clearly that you are having a difficult financial life. Writing it down will set up your brain to function according to your difficulty.

Write down about your daily happenings and events daily which made you feel great. If you have nothing to write then you can start with “I am feeling great because I am alive” or “I am grateful to my family for their wonderful support”.

Continue this activity of writing down at least for 21 Days. It is suggested to make it to 21 days as 21 days is a time period which is said to make it part of your habits.
Not initially though but later Everytime you write will feel great about yourself which will help you to fight in a difficult situation.

Change Your Thinking

Change Your Thinking: That’s something you will have to do anyhow. Observe your thoughts, if you are worried about something then you will have to understand that worries will not give you any result. Instead of worrying notice that what makes you worry? More often our response towards the problem makes it more worrisome.

Know the reality of the worry

Know the reality of the worry and look for a solution that “what actually you can do for that problem if you cannot do much then why you worried and if you can then take the action why wasting your time in worrying”.

Prioritize your study

Prioritize your study: You will have to understand the reality of life. Everyone faces problems one or the other but the solution to every problem is in making efforts. If you are worried now so being a student you can come out of it only through study. Give your everything in your study. Leave no stones unturned.

Always Focus

Leave every worry besides and make your study as a topmost priority. Keep it the way of your life no matter what I am going to study the hardest possible make your study as the motivation of your life.

There may be other things also that you should do such as enough sleep, eat well, exercise, get support from the family members but those methods are well known to many. Following the above methods will help you to continue study even in difficult situation.  

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