How to Study for board Exam to Score well marks in English | Tips to Score Good Marks in English

By | August 9, 2018

Every Board students who appear in Board exam wants to score well in English subject. Scoring good marks in English subject influences the aggregate percentage of overall marks. The surprising pattern among students has been noticed that they devote very less time for preparation of English subject in comparison with other subjects. 

Tips for Score High Marks  in English 

Board Students often assume that English is not their main subject but they should understand scoring good marks in English will improve their overall percentage too. I have seen many good students score 90+ Marks in every subject except in English Subjects. 

In this article, we are going to cover up the importance of English Subject in Board Exams, How to prepare for English Subjects, Important tips to score good marks in English etc.

Importance of English Subject in Board Exams

English subject is compulsory across all streams (Humanities, Commerce, and Science). After Board Exams, During Admission in Undergraduate Programmes, Many universities give importance to Marks in English Subjects. The importance of English subjects can be understood as Without Exception students need to be well versed in English in all walks of Life.

How to prepare English Paper?

All Board Students must be well aware that there will be four sections in English Paper.
Unseen Passage: This is the easiest section in the English Paper. Students can score maximum marks with minimum efforts. While Attempting questions from Unseen Passage students, Students are advised to take a quick look at all the questions asked then read the complete passage thoroughly.

Section Wise Important to Score marks in English 

Highlight all words and sentences matching with the words in the questions. These highlighted sentences will greatly help you once you start looking for answers. You can score full marks from this section with fewer efforts and time. Students usually do mistake by not practicing enough practice paper. I suggest you score last year question papers and practice/sample papers.

Writing Section: Best way to score maximum marks in this section is by learning the formats of letters, essays, and reports etc. Following the formats will immensely help you. From the Writing section, you will see such questions of 10 Marks. 10 Marks of questions are divided into three parts where 3 Marks is allocated for Formats, 4 Marks for Contents (Quality of Writing) and 3 Marks is dedicated for the accuracy of Language.

The good approach of preparing writing section is by jotting down all the important points, ideas, suggestions conclusion whichever applicable in separate rough section. After jotting down structure your answer by building it from those points. Board Examiner always prefers a handful number of ideas rather repetitive arguments in different ways written by students. So start preparing from last year question papers and start building up your ideas.

Grammar Section: For getting good marks in the Grammar section just follow my advice in three words. Practice Practise Practise! There is no other way than by practicing as much as you can. Practice questions chapter wise it will help you build up your concepts and brush up grammar rules. Learn from your mistakes. Solve Previous year question papers.

Literature: Literature section carries maximum marks in your English Subject Paper. For better preparing, this Part read all the chapters of your textbooks thoroughly. Take notes from your chapters. Prepare previous year questions especially for poem section as it is difficult to understand. Simply understanding the chapter will not make you capable to write answers for 10 Marks questions so practice questions from previous year papers.

Conclusion: Please ensure that you write your answers neatly and precise. Do not try to make your answers lengthy by repeating the same arguments/ideas over and over again. 

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