How to take a decision which CBSE or State Board is good for study

By | July 28, 2019

Whether you are parents or students but cannot escape this question How to take a decision which CBSE or State Board is good for study? We have noticed that every parents and student are divided into two sides. Some believe that there are obvious benefits to taking CBSE over State Boards. While quite a healthy number of people believes that State Boards give better future scope after school time.

CBSE Vs State Board 

If you are among such parents or students then this article will be of great help to you as we will discuss How to take a decision which CBSE or State Board is good for study?

We cannot reach any conclusion without knowing CBSE or State Boards first so let us know about them.

CBSE Board: 

Central Board of Secondary Education also known as CBSE Board. There is no doubt that being the central board as the name suggests the most popular board in the country. Since CBSE is a central board so all the study material revolves around the whole nation topics rather just states.
National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) approves the syllabus and text material prescribed by CBSE.

All famous schools such as Delhi Public School (DPS), Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in the country run under the CBSE. CBSE Board affiliated schools provided the mode of education only in English and Hindi which makes it less popular in southern India.

Most of the popular National Level competitive exams such as JEE. Hence it is much more beneficial for those students who want to pursue higher studies in some national colleges.

State Boards

There are various boards running in different states which supervise and controls the syllabus and standards of study materials and conduct the examination. Various state governments approve such state boards. The main motive behind such state boards is to encourage and give priority to local state students.

Even study materials are prepared to keep state level competitive exams in mind. Unlike CBSE, State Board prefers local languages as medium of study for students. For eg., Tamil is the main language of education for all Tamil state board students. Usually, the syllabus of one state syllabus will be entirely different to other states. More often syllabus in state board schools is outdated which gives clear disadvantages to all state board students in the national level competition.

State Board proves real help for those students who want to pursue higher studies in that state itself. However, they will face great difficulty in taking admission in other states although it is manageable.

CBSE or State Board which is Good for Students?

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the advantages of one state board over other state boards we can compare between CBSE and State Boards. There will be many factors which make one better with respect to other. Some of them are.

CBSE is more student-friendly compared to various state boards. CBSE prepares their courses and syllabus keeping students benefits in mind and update it on regular basis. While State boards show less conviction in doing such proactive steps.

Course Structure is prepared in more fun and playful manner in CBSE curriculum. You will see many activities between the chapters and even in the chapter itself. Such initiatives help students engaged in learning while state boards haven’t yet introduced such kind of improvisations in their syllabus and course structure.

CBSE Board curriculum helps you in the better preparation of any national competitive examination such as IIT, AIIMS as all the syllabus is in sync with the competitive exam syllabus and conducted by CBSE only.

CBSE gives you the opportunity to score higher marks in their examination. CBSE is more flexible in their approach and student-centric. If you want to score higher than CBSE is definitely your kind of board.

Conclusion: These were some of the benefits of CBSE over other state boards which definitely makes it better than other state boards. But ultimately the choice is yours to pick which one is good for you. 

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