Importance of festivals in India || What students can learn from Indian Festival

By | August 24, 2018

It has been said about “India the land of Festivals”. There is no exaggeration in saying that India has been the land of fairs, festivals, celebration.  

Importance of festivals in India for student 

Legends say In Past Indians used to celebrate festivals 365 days in a year. For Indians, festivals have been the means to enjoy the life to fullest. But unfortunately with the passage of time not only we are forgetting the important festivals but also the spirit of celebration of each festival.  

As a responsible citizen of the country, we should understand the spirit of celebrating festivals and ensure how our future i.e students can learn from the Indian festivals.

Importance of Festivals in India

The very vital lesson festivals teach us to celebrate our lives
Nowadays we have been so serious about life but at the same time less involved with society, Festival is the wonderful ways to improve such aspects of our lives.

Indian festivals bring all the good and vibrant hopes in the midst of all chaos and unfavourable dramas of life.

Most of our Indian Festivals are connected to our agriculture. Festival celebrates during the time of harvesting which symbolizes us to celebrate the results of all the hard work of past as fruits.

All Indian festivals help to remain to connect with our roots, origin, our culture, tradition and help us to know more about it.

Festivals help us to bring closer to each other which further helps in the harmony of society. In all grand festivals such as Diwali, Holi, and Dussehra we celebrate it with great zeal and exuberance.

What students can learn from Indian Festivals

Students are the future of the Nation. Without bright future country can grow beyond. It becomes extremely important for students to know the rich heritage, culture, history of our Country.

Festivals is the great occasion for them to learn about the significance of Indian culture. Students should know that what students can learn from the celebration of Diwali?

Diwali is the festivals of light. It is celebrated to mark the victory of goodness over darkness so we can also dispel the darkness from our lives and make it brighter and shining.

Festivals play a vital role in the development of the spiritual mind in the young minds of students.

Conclusion: All the Indian Festivals mark the victory of good over evil or arrival of new season or birth of God etc. so each festival has their significance. It is our responsibility to learn the lesson of life in Indian festivals. We should celebrate our Indian festivals full of energy while also understand the deep thoughts and message behind the celebration of each festival.

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