Importance of Reference Book for Exam Preparation || Benefits for Reference Book in Study

By | August 14, 2018
Those students preparing for board exams can relate to this topic. We all have experienced the important significance of reference book for exam preparation. Reference books are a lifeline for many of us. There is no doubt that it enhances our knowledge to a great extent. 
The need of Reference Book 
Student life is the best phase of life where we got curious to know about all and everything. But more often we don’t get our answers. The study is no different than it. 

Reference Book for Exam Preparation How Beneficial 

 Just imagine you are studying something and you got immersed in it and suddenly chapter finished. You were about to dive deep into the imagination of topic but Alas it just ended.
 The more realistic situation would say you are reading physics and learning about the origin of universe and chapter finished. 
Why did such things happen? 
 because the subject course book has their limitations they are prepared strictly based on your syllabus. There is nothing wrong in it but solely depending upon your syllabus based textbooks will neither answer your questions nor give you a deeper understanding of topics. 
To take full advantages of your journey of learning, you should have some supplementary book as a reference book which doesn’t stop your learning. 

What is a reference book? 

To say it in simple words, The book which contains useful information in a very organized manner to give you complete information about the topic/subject. 

 Uses of Reference Book 

  • Reference book has wonderful utility. It gives you direction when you stuck in midway. A reference book is such which you can refer to when you stuck reading/ understanding something. 

for example 

  •  Suppose you are reading your textbook prescribed by Board and you stuck couldn’t understand clearly from the limited explanation given In such crisis reference book comes for your rescue.
  •  It elaborates on every concept vividly and clearly. Reference book helps you in enriching your knowledge and deeper your concepts and understanding. 
  • Reference books also give lots of problems on a single topic which enables you to practice lots of problems for preparation of board exams. 
  • Conceptual problems segregated by reference books help to understand you better in preparation of board exam in sync with board exam. 
  • If there is no one to help you in problem-solving then Reference books are great stuff to have when you need to find an answer quickly.
Any student wants to know the important reference books for their preparation then let us know in the below comment section 

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  1. Bhumika Modh

    Please suggest me the best reference book for studying Pedagogy of Computer Science in BEd.
    I’m from Gujarat.


    i want to know importance of reference book..


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