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By | April 10, 2020

Hello, Students welcome on the JEE Section website of – This website will provide all the information related to Joint Entrance Examination.  Here is all about how to prepare for jee main, JEE Mains preparation tips, Idea to crack jee mains examination. An easy way to make the combination of JEE and 12th Board examination. JEE is one of the toughest exams in India for getting admission into prestigious colleges of the country for taking an engineering course. 

It’s time to get either fit for it or getting hit by it. 

How To Prepare JEE IIT 

Almost close to 15 Lakh students who appear for JEE Exam each year buzzed with this very question at some point of preparation. And that million dollar question is how to prepare for IIT JEE? I am assuming that you know all the pain and glories comes with the preparation of JEE. 
 The candidate who wishes to apply for JEE Main and wants to completed details about filling of Form, Fee and step by step procedure to the filling of form can check. 
It’s no secret that JEE Mains & advanced exams strategy and syllabus are entirely different so it is advisable to clearly know the differences. Having in-depth knowledge of subjects will always be the booster. I have made up this answer based on recent toppers and successful students.
For such highly competitive and difficult exam like JEE requires clear and thorough preparation plan which includes sharp actions points integrated with correct strategies. Almost all successful aspirants master this header and unlike others religiously follow it without getting demotivated in half way.

Solving Doubt

Smart aspirants will take doubts and ask their respective subject teachers without getting panicked or wasting much time over any doubts. Sometimes it takes a lot of you when you get stuck with any doubts too much.
Follow Up

While preparation, it’s very vital to follow up by recording all those doubts and important learning lessons in a separate notebook. Having to Follow Up pan, and following it rigorously is important. This might seem quite straightforward and simple but trust me this will reduce your hell lots or precious time of preparation.

12th Board V/s JEE 

Smart Aspirants never neglect their 12th Board. It is not logical either to ignore it. JEE is conducted by same Board CBSE so having clarity of concepts included in NCERT books will help immensely in preparation. It’s advisable to ignore all the advice who said, 12th Board is not the priority etc., 

Smart and successful aspirants always put themselves off from all kinds of distraction such as the Internet, Video Games, Making Girlfriends/ Boyfriends.  Those activities might seem only taking few hours but trust me it takes your preparation on-off mode.  It’s important to associate yourself with inspiring and motivating group throughout the journey of preparation.


There is no hidden fact that Books plays an important role in preparation especially when the market is filled with books. This makes aspirants more confused and it is very important to pick up good books recommended by experts. 
We have covered up good books on different subjects


Concepts of Physics by HC Verma (Part 1 and 2)
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker


Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur
Physical Chemistry by O. P. Tandon
Fryhle and M. S. Chauhan
Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee
Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main and Advanced) by Solomons, 



Trigonometry by S. L. Loney
Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight
Calculus and Analytic Geometry by Thomas and Finney
Coordinate Geometry by S. L. Loney

This is the list of must-read books, nothing else left to explain the importance of this book.

Exam Strategy 

Aspirants must follow the successful exam strategies pointed by experts and experienced teachers. 

Solve easy questions first

Start attempting all easy questions, please skip those questions which you can’t get in first go. You’ll always have time to get back to those questions later. More often than not attempting trivial questions will make you panic and prone to affecting your state of mind which eventually turn up to total mess up.

Know your exam pattern

JEE Aspirants must know the exam pattern of complete JEE Question paper in details such as Important Topic of the syllabus, No. of Questions, Type of Questions etc.

Prepare to attempt

Aspirants are advised to start attempting proper reviews of questions before start attempting questions. 
Take at least 10 minutes to review complete question paper then attempt Question Paper.
These strategies can be personal at times but those are well-proven ways to get started for the toughest exam in the country. 
Bonus Tips 
Please take care of your health and never ever ever get demotivated by any hardships while preparation and feel free to ask any questions pertaining to JEE Exams by commenting on a comment section.   All the Best !!  

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