LNMU UG Part 1 English Honors Paper 1 Question Download 2019

By | June 12, 2019

Lalit Narayan Mithila University on the 12th June 2019 in the second sitting conducted the Under Graduation Honors paper part 1. And next paper from the English Honors Students going to take on the 15th June 2019 in the same Second Sitting. In this article going to tell you about the LNMU UG Part One English Honors English Paper 1 questions Paper 2019.

In the Exam of the English paper one paper code 0801, there are 05 Question answer students have to answer. Students have to write a brief answer to each question Which given to them. In the Exam only one set question paper given for all. In the Exam of Honors, there are terms about the question which first like to tell you.

Mithila University English Honors part 1 Questions Paper 2019

LNMU English Paper 1 There is 05 Question comprise in 05 Group in each group 03 question given and students have to answer anyone only from all three and from all 05 Group. 1 Question is allotted 20 Marks. Let me introduce about the Questions terms. Time 03 Hours, Total marks 100 and passing marks 45. As per questions.

The candidate is required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The question is of equal value. Answer Five Questions, Selecting one from each Group.

Check LNMU UG Part 1 Exam Schedule 


Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga


Question Paper

Exam Name

English Honors part 1

Exam Date

12 June 2019

Exam  Time

02:00 PM to 05:00PM

Question Status


Official Website


LNMU Under-Graduation English Honors English Paper 1

In the Question total 05 Group and Each group 3 Questions and students have to answer anyone among three questions.

Group A

Write Short notes on any one of the following:
1. Impressionism
2. Imagism
3. Aestheticism

Group – B

Write Short notes on any one of the following:
4. Cavalier Poetry
5. Puritan Poetry
6. Confessional Poetry

Group – C

7. University Wits
8. Revival of Poetic Drama
9. Problem Plays


Write Short notes on any one of the following:
10. Historical Novel
11. Gothic Novel
12. English Women Novelists

Group – E

13. Periodical Essays
14. Short-Story as an Art Form
15. Biography

All are the question which has been asked the question in the examination.

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