Mithila University English Honors Part 1 Syllabus

By | December 22, 2018

Students for better carrier scope taken English Honors subject for Under graduation Course. As English is now a Global Language.  As taking Globally Demand of English for better carrier scope taking instruction. 

English for Better Carrier 

Hence looking, Good opprutuny students, has taken Admission in UG with Subject of English. Students who have taken admission in the English Honors from the LNMU, Such students must know the LNMU English Honors English I Syllabus. 

Anyone who wishes to know about the LNMU Eng Part I Syllabus then, welcoming you on this webpage. On this web page, we have provided the Mithila University English Honors Course English Part I Syllabus.

English Syllabus LNMU Part 1 

All the question in the LNMU UG Part 1 Exam English Honors paper I question combined from this syllabus. To better Score in the English, Subject students need to go through the syllabus. Without taking your time We would like to give short Description about LNMU UG English Honors Part 1 Syllabus.

Mithila University UG Part One English Syllabus 

  • University: LNMU 
  • Category: English Syllabus 
  • Course: Honors Part 1 
  • Total Section: 05 
  • Status: Available 

Mithila University UG Part I Syllabus English Honours

Background Studies

  • Renaissance And Reformation
  • Classicism And Romanticism
  • Victorianism
  • Irish Literary Movement

OR, The Celtic Revival

  • Decadence
  • Imagism
  • Aestheticism
  • Symbolism
  • Humanism
  1. New Humanism

Group B

History of English Poetry

  • Medieval or Middle English Poetry
  • Elizabethan Poetry

Or, Song And Sonnet Writers of Elizabethan Age

  • Metaphysical Poetry
  • Cavalier Poetry
  • Puritan Poetry
  • The Classical School of Poetry of Neo-Classicism
  • Transitional Poetry: Precursors of Romantic Revival
  • Pre-Raphaelite Poetry
  • War Poets
  1. The Romantic Revival of English Poetry or Romantic Poetry
  2. Victorian- Poetry
  3. Confessional Poetry

Group – C

History of English Drama 

  • Beginning of English Drama
  • Early Elizabethan Drama

Or, University Wits

Or, Shakespeare’s Predecessors

  • Successors of Shakespeare

Or, Jacobean Comedy

Or, Comedy of Humour

  • Restoration Comedy

Or, Comedy of Manners

  • Sentimental plays of Eighteenth Century

Or, Revival of Poetic Drama

  • Modern Poetic Drama

Or, Revival of Poetic Drama (20th Century)

  • Anti-Sentimental Comedy
  • The Problem Play

Or, The Drama of Ideas or, The Prose Drama of the Twentieth

Group –D


  • Picaresque Novel
  • Eighteenth-Century Novel
  • Gothic Novelists
  • The Historical Novel
  • Stream of Consciousness Novel
  • Science Fiction: H.G. Wells
  • Women Novelists of The Victorian Era
  • Jane Austen
  • Charles Dickens
  1. George Eliot
  2. Thomas Hardy

Group – E

Miscellaneous Prose, Growth and Development of Prose

  • The English Essay From the Beginning Till the Modern Age
  • The Periodical Essay
  • The Short Story
  • Biography
  • Autobiography

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  1. Md noorani

    Sir I want to know the syllabus of english hons of part 1 .my exam is in 2019 so I need help to you please give details how to prepareof this

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      Soon we will update for that . We suggest to buy Rekha Guess paper for better prepration of exam. You can get it 50 per subject or less

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    Sir I need economic subsidiary and sociology subsidiary syllabus for part 1.


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