Modi Mantra for Board Exams

By | February 4, 2018

Time of Examination is coming to this word is really heart the students as well parents and teacher also isn’t.  An examination is a way to check out presents preparation not whole things.  Hence students are worried about examination how to give an exam, even the parents &  teacher come in tension about the examination.  At this time is a time of the exam. Examination fever unlikely overcome on the students and parents as well teachers. Do not worry about it some of the suggestion from Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given. Some use useful tips to reduce stress and maximize the chance of success. PM Modi has launched a book “Exam Warrior”. A book lunch by PM N Modi with containing ‘ 25 catchy mantras’. Below is some piece of information about the book. 

Exam Tips by PM N. Modi 

Exam Warriors book – Student to see exam as a way to complete with self as just a check present preparation of particular things and whole life.

  • Technology which is a great teacher gain knowledge multiple time as usual.
  • While at the same time ensuring equal it rests since proper sleeping is great weapons for coming out from fear of exam.

This book is contained with useful advice by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for students, parents and teachers for all how to deal the examination season. 

High school children, particularly those nervous about thinking their Class 10 and Class 12 examinations.
Modi’s ‘Exam Warriors’ book has high production qualities, boasts fetching illustrations and is priced at just Rs 100. It is a handbook that lists 25 “mantras” to help students overcome their fear of examinations to score good Marks/grades. 

Modi Mantra for Board Examination 

  1. Tips on how they should allocate time for work, sleep and play.
  2. Do yoga to calm their mind and enhance their powers of concentration. 

193-page book publishing by Penguin. It contains two letter one for the parents and one for a teacher by pm. Teacher to teach the student how to appear for an exam and how they should always pass knowledge. 

  • In this book contain 25 Mantra mantra
  • An exam is a festival which brings the best out in a person that will with the young generation. 
  • Exam test your current preparation, not your self. 
  • Laugh and laugh out – exam hall and in this style of playing with words. 
  • A straight complete with yourself in another Mantra time management. 
  • How to technology will help to gain knowledge and experience reality.
  • Best way to deal with the exam is hard to balance in life is what the book advocate. 

A book always asks you stepping out of comfort zone getting involved in community service and doing things differently. 

Prime Minister Tips for Students 

  • Student to travel and explore India and the life is endless.
  • Grateful for their success is not there alone. 
  • how yoga brings transformation regularly. 

Above details is collected from the various news channel website and Times of India newspaper Patna edition dated 4th Feb 2018. 

A book can be bought online Exam Warrior price is INR 100/- per book. order at Flipkart – click to buy online 

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