Objective Question is better or Subjective Question Knowledge Point of View

By | August 10, 2018
People related to education sector often ask this question to know which method of the exam is better suited to test the knowledge of students. 

Objective Vs Subjective Questions 

Today in this article we will try to settle this debate by giving insightful knowledge. You will learn the differences between objective type question and subjective type questions. 

Let's first understand what is an objective type question?
Objective Type Question is a form of question where for every question you have given more than one option and among those options, only one or combination of options should be correct. 
Such type of Questions more suited to Engineering Entrance exams in University. Now Bihar Board has also implemented Objective Question (Multiple Choice Based). Examples of Objective Type Questions are Mulitple Choice Based, True False, Matching, Completion etc. 

Why we need Objective Type Questions?

Now, every aspirant like you who are going to appear for Bihar Board Exam must be thinking what is the need of Objective Type Questions? Objective Type Questions are prepared to test the critical thinking and evaluation ability of students.  
By preparing objective type questions, Bihar board keep in mind the critical thinking and analytical ability of students. Have you ever thought like this while answering Objective Type Questions? Probably Not 😀

Advantages of Objective Type Questions

The biggest advantages of Objective Type Questions are it’s impartial. Suppose you and your friend write an answer of a question so the teacher might give you 3 marks and 4 marks to your friends for the same correct answer but objective type question will give you equal marks to both you and your friends for the correct response. 
While Subjective Type Questions is a different form of questions where students write their answer in the form of essays or paragraphs etc. Here students build up their answer in the form of sentences. 
Subjective type questions are more suited to know the in-depth knowledge of subjects and writing skills of students in school and board exams.
Examples of Subjective Type Questions are a short-answer essay, extended-response essay, problem-solving, performance test items. 

Advantages of Subjective Type Questions

The plus point with subjective type questions is that it tests creativity, comprehension skill, writing skills etc. If you are attempting any subjective questions then even though you know the answer you should have writing and creativity skill to present your ideas into correct structured sentences.  
Conclusion: For me, I think the combination of both Objective Questions and Subjective Questions should be asked in an examination as it is the best way to test students analytical and critical thinking by objective questions and creative and writing skill by asking subjective questions. 
Tell me in below comment section what do you think will be a better type of questions for Bihar Board Examination. 

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