One India One Election

By | August 18, 2018

In TVs, Newspapers media covered a lot about the One India One Election concept. It escalated when PM Narendra Modi advocated the idea of One India One Election. Interesting to note that Till 1960s, General Elections and State elections held together but after the emergence of regional parties coalition government era started. Eventually, it led to separate Center and State elections in the country. 

One India One Election advantages and disadvantages

We will discuss One India One Election advantages and disadvantages.

One India One Election 

One India One Election is the idea of holding both Central Government Election (Loksabha) and State Legislative Assemblies. This idea has been put forward by PM Narendra Modi. In fact, it was the part of BJP manifesto in 2014 election.

What is One India One Election 

One India One Election is not a new concept, As earlier during 1960s Elections used to conducted collectively for both state and central governments. But after the emergence of Coalition Government, but repeatedly failing of state legislation to complete before its terms make it unsynchronized.

What is the need for One India One Election?

The way opposition is opposing this movement seems a bad idea of One India One Election but there are several reasons to support One India One Election.

Formation and election of the government of state and center affect policymaking as Parties becomes short-sighted and blinded elections.

It becomes difficult to introduce new schemes and need the approval of Election Commission due to the Model code of conduct.

Parties barely get time to focus on Governance.
It puts a huge burden on the National Treasury.

Now, let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of One India One Election

Advantages of One India One Election

There are a bunch of benefit of single election India is always on mode of election it requires lots of resources, money, time political parties gives more emphasis to election more than the work, it will help to make policy for state as well as center level, political parties can give there more time to people rather than election.

With elections around the corner, most political parties resort to gimmicks to win or destroy the reputation of other parties. They formulate policies only those which would earn an advantage for the vote bank and in turn, help in elections. For instance, road construction and infrastructure development seem to occur only when elections are around the corner.

Most importantly, people are tired of this kind of appeasement. With the implementation of One India One Election, it will discourage politicians to act in this manner and focus on governance.

Disadvantages of One India One Election

If in India a single election has taken place and a single party elected and chosen Pary doesn’t work effectively then people will not have any options to exercise their rights and change the government.
It is really difficult to implement One Indian One Election concept in a big country like India.

When both the elections are clubbed, national issues may dominate over state issues and dictate the mood of both state and national votes. State or local issues may take a back seat, which would otherwise be crucial.

Conclusion: It is yet to see what holds in the future.
But what do you think?
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