Is online Exam better suited for Academic Classes?


From the time beginning when the education system came into existence and to date, exams are the only mechanism that tests our knowledge level.

As a student, you may have fear, anxiety for exams but Exam is an integral part of our life. So there is no question about whether the exam should be conducted or not as Exams are important. 

Through this article, we will try to understand Is online exams better suited for Academic Classes?

We are living in a world where pandemic like COVID-19 is affecting all spheres of life. 

Education is no exception, our academic signs of progress have been halted hence we cannot take our studies for granted. That situation has sparked this topic into the limelight. 

Why we should have an Online Exam?

We are living in a digital era, the chances of interactions with the internet have grown up rapidly in all sectors of our life. It led to the situation of understanding the Online exam and Offline exam modes.

In the past and even today, most of the exams have been conducted as offline exams, but the new system of online exams introduced after internet world

We have seen Online Exam mode implementation in most of the competitive exams.

Not all candidates are happy with online exams other than experienced persons.

To make you better understand, we are listing the nature of Offline mode and Online mode exams and its benefits. 


The traditional way of conducting an exam using pen and paper or OMR based. Offline Mode of Exam is still followed in our schools, colleges, coaching classes, etc.

For a long time, students are using offline modes of the exam, it has made them comfortable. 

Advantages of Offline Exam

There are many advantages to the offline exam system for students. 

  • Schools and Colleges have already followed Offline Exam Mode for a long time to conduct exams hence students are comfortable with it. 
  • Students can manage their own time to finish the exam paper. 
  • No technical issues will rise up during the offline exam such as Power cut, Computer technical fault, etc. 
  • Appearing students can go through the full question paper before attempting to Answer. 

Disadvantages of Offline Exam 

  • For the OMR sheet, you have to mark the most suitable answer very perfectly in form round form (to darken the circle with pencil)and the answers once marked cannot be changed again, which is one of the major defects in the offline exam.
  • Conducting offline Exam mode is time-consuming. It involves extra efforts also. 
  • The requirement of Extra staff is required for the invigilation of Exams in offline exam mode. 
Favorable Situation for Online Exam

Today, most of us are engaged in our laptops, smartphones to handle various applications. Handling digital devices is fairly simple for most of us. It makes our Online exam process by selecting boxes or moving on to the next questions like marking in OMR fairly simple. 

Advantages of Online Exam 
  • The Mock (Demo) test is conducted before the actual exam which gives students real exam experience. 
  • The answer once marked can be changed later if needed. 
  • You can mark questions for review (if you want to re-check it.)
  • Online calculators and workspaces are provided.
  • Students can save extra money associated with travel and other expenses. 
  • The result can be declared quickly if exams are conducted online. 

Disadvantages of Online Exam

  • You can’t compute your score after the exam as question paper is not released so no solutions are available over the internet.
  • Chances of facing technical issues and network problems.
  • Most of the online exam doesn’t allow you to navigate to the next section of the exam without finishing the current section. 
Challenges in Online Exam 

Although there are advantages in online exams it also faces lots of challenges to successfully conduct it. 

  • Internet Connection: In remote areas, and villages conducting an online exam is still not suitable because of poor internet connectivity. 
  • Comfortable with Online Exam: Students will need to practice harder on online platforms to make them comfortable. 
  • Security: The Online Exam process poses a challenge to ensure proper authentication, and authorization process so that the right candidate is appearing for the examination. 

Final Words: 

There is no denying that conducting Online Exam is our future but we cannot overlook the challenges in implementing it, especially in remote areas.  


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