Physics Multiple Choice Questions Answer 08/02/2019 Bihar Board Inter Exam 2019

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Bihar Board XIIth Physics Exam 2019 All Multiple Choice Questions Answer 

Set H 

Q 1 . A convex lens (n = 1.5) is images in immersed in water (n=1.33), then it will behave as a-

Answer –   Converging Lens  (A)

 Q 2 . The Power factor of L-R Circuit is –

Answer – R/√R2+W2L2 (B)

Q 3 . The ratio of root means square (NMS) value and peak value of an alternating current is –

Answer –  1/√2 (B)

Q 4. The Direction of Propagation of electromagnetic ware is =

Answer – Parrel to EXB  (D)

Q5 . Light ownes its colour to its-

Answer –  frequency (A)

Q6 . With the increase of temperature the resistivity of semiconductor 

Answer –  Decrease  (B)

Q7. In a step – up transformer, no. of turns i primary and secondary coils are N1 and N2, then –

Answer – N2 > N1   (B)

Q8. The height of TV tower at a certain place is 245 m. The maximum distance up to which its programme can be received is –

Answer –  56 M   (C)

Q9. Which one of the following has maximum refractive index

Answer – Dimond  (D)

Q10. The bollen expression for NAND gate is –

Answer – A.B = ϒ ( D)


Q 11. The Susceptibility of a paramagnetic substance is – 

Answer –  Constant (A)

Q12. In an alternating current circuit, the phase difference between current 1 and voltage , then the wattless component of current will be –

Answer – I Sin Φ  (C)

Q13 . Unit of Surface charge density is – 

Answer –  Coulomb / Meter  (A) 

Q  14. The Magnifying power of an astronomical telescope for normal adjustment

Answer    – F0+F(D)

Q 15. Deviation of thin prism of refractive index n and angle of Prism A is – 

Answer – (n-1) A     (B)

 Q16. When two bulbs of power 60 w and 40 W are connected in series, then the power of that combination will be –

Answer –  24w   (D)

Q17. The stored energy, of a capacitor charged to 100 V, is 1 J, capacitance of the capacitor is –

Answer –  2 x 10 -4 (B)


Q 18. Cylindrical lenses are used to correct the eye defect called –

Answer – Astigmatism  (C)


Q 19. The resistance of ideal ammeter is –

Answer –  Zero (A)


Q 20. In earth’s magnetic field Bh, if the frequency of oscillation of magnetic needle is n, then –

Answer – n2 α B H (B)


Q 21. The wavefront due to a point source at a finite distance from the source is –

Answer – Spherical (A)


Q- 22. The working of Dynamo is based on the principal of –

Answer –  Electro-Magnetic induction (B)


Q- 23. The energy of a photon of wavelength is –

Answer – hc/λ. (B)


Q – 24. The electronic potential in equatorial position of an electronic dipole is –

Answer –  Zero  (D)


Q- 25. Two point charges of + 10 and -10 are placed at a distance 40 cm in air, Potential energy of the system will be –

Answer   2.25 J (C)


Q- 26.  The value of angle of dip of the magnetic pole is-

Answer – 90 °   (C)


Q- 27. The torque t experienced by a current-loop of magnetic movement (m) placed in magnetic field B is-

Answer –  t = m XB  (A)

Q- 28 The time in which radioactive substance becomes half of its initial amount is called-

Answer –  Half-Life  (B)


Q- 29 Power of an electric-circuit is-

Answer – V2/R  (C) 


Q- 30. The modulation index in amplitude modulation-

Answer – lies between 0 and 1  ( B) 


Q- 31 Equivalent focal length of two lenses in contract having power -15 D and +5 D will be-

Answer -10 CM     (B)


Q -32  The current following in a wire is power 1A. If the charge of an electron is 1.6 x 10 -19C, Then the number of electron flowing through the wire per second is – 

Answer –  6.25 x 10 18      (B) 


Q -33.  If +q charge is placed in sides spherical surface than total flux coming out form whole surface will be-

Answer – q/εο  (B) 


Q- 34. At constant potential difference, the resistance of any electric circuit is halved, the value of heat produce will be-

Answer –  Double (B) 


Q- 35 The Solar spectrum is – 

Answer – Continous  (A)


भौतकी परीक्षा के ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न के उत्तर हिंदी में 

Dated 08th Feb 2019 Physics Exam got over, Students try to analysis their performance level in the Bihar Board 12th Physics 2019 Annual Examination. Hence Students try to find BSEB 12th Physics 2019 All Objective Answer, Physics Exam 2019 MCQ Answer sheet for all Set and Bihar Board 2019 Physics Questions with Solutions Online. Physics Exam conducted for 70 Marks. Hey, students welcome you on this page and first of all Wish Wishes for Your Intermediate Physics Examination 2019. 

BSEB 12th Physics 2019 Examination

By the BSEB around the Bihar all district Physics Subject Annual Theory (Main) Exam conducted on 08/02/2019 09:30 AM to 01:00 PM. Physics Objective combines Descriptive Questions Given into 10 set Like Set A / B/ C/ D/E/F/G/H/I. In all Set questions was the same but the Sequence number is different.

BSEB XIIth Physic Alternative Choice Question Answer

  • Board: Bihar School Examination Board, Patna
  • Exam Name: Intermediate Annual Exam 2019
  • Subject: Physics
  • Total Marks: 70
  • Category: Answer key
  • Status: Soon
  • Exam Date: 08-02-2019

Bihar Board Inter Physics Objective Questions Answer 2019

In the Physics Annual Exam in Section A Questions Number 01 to Questions Number 35 Multiple Choice Question has asked. Hence Using the Bihar board all MCQ correct Answer students can check out How many Alternative Choice Questions Answer they Given correctly. This Bihar board Physics Multiple Choice Questions Solution / Answer key help students to evaluate marks in the Board Exam in Physics subject.

How to Download Inter Physics Objective Solution Online 2019

  1. First of all, Log on
  2. Then Search Bihar Board 12th Answer key 2019
  3. Then a search list will be given by Google.
  4. Click on information/Answer key provided by
  5. Then Information will be shown for Physics Answer of MCQ.
  6. On Page Questions, wise Answer will be given.
  7. Students have to estimate their marks using Physics Objective Questions & their respective Answer.

 Intermediate Physics Subject

In the Bihar School Examination Board for Class 12th Science stream students, Physics is the Compulsory Subject. All ISC students have to take this subject and appear in the Exam. To Pass in Physics Stucject have to pass in practical and Theory Exam.

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