Physics Objective Answer keys Exam 8th Feb 2018 | BSEB Phy Multiple Choice Questions Answer all 35 questions Exam Update

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Hey students whats up, Hope that fine! As BSEB Intermediate I.Sc Examination of Physics around the Bihar Conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board, Patna. As students can visit the official website of Now an official website can be visited at for all up to date information.

BSEB 2019 Physics MCQ Objective Answer Key Update

Anyway here going to update you about the Bihar Board Inter Exam Physics Objective Question Answer 2019. After the exam, we on this page provide on the link to download Bihar board 12th Physics Objective Question Answers, BSEB 2019 Physics Subject Exam Objective Answer Key. As we have provided you information in BSEB 2018 Physics subject Exam. 

Below is all about Bihar School Examination Board Intermediate Science Faculty Exam Subject of Physics Exam Objective Question Answer key. 

BSEB I.SC PHY Exam 2018. As Board has changed the Bihar Board Class 12th Physics subject code, It new Bihar Board Exam Subject code of physics has been mentioned on your Bihar Board 12th I.Sc Exam Admit Card 2018. 

BSEB Inter Physics Objective Answer key Exam 8th Feb 2018 

After giving of Bihar Board Intermediate annual term end examination 2018 of Physics subject theoretical exam you may wish to analysis marks through Bihar board physics objective answer 2018. From this year total 35 Multiple Choice Question asked for getting an idea about the result you can download Physics Bihar Board Class XII Objective important question answer 2018. Below are the links of Bihar Board 12th Objective Physics. 

BSEB Inter Exam Physics Objective Answer Key 

First of all, I wish to inform students must focus on examination and keep confidence inside your self for the better performance in the Bihar Board Inter/12th Physics Papers 2018. It is the just way to check out your present preparation of particular things, not a chill. For easy to know how may question in Bihar Board physics you attempted correctly we after the examination provide the 12th physics objective questions and answers question wisely. 

12th physics objective answers in Hindi

For easy to understand the Physics question for the next year students from here students can download the Bihar Board 2018 Objective question in Hindi. Must important things which want to clear that all Bihar board PHY objective answers key on this page will be provided by the visitors, hence we do not take any responsibility of correct answers of 12th physics objective questions and answers in Hindi. 

Below is the Answer key of Bihar Board Intermediate12th Class (Science) Physics Subject Answer key of all 35 Objective Questions. Students who are going to appear in Bihar board Intermediate Annual Exam 2019 answer key keep in touch with to get answer key first of all. 

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Bihar Board physics exam answer keys

Final Answer key 

Bihar Board Physics Answer key Details – Click here 

  1. किसी भी प्रकार के अफवाह में न आये प्रश्न प्रत्र आदि परीक्षा में पहले आने की , यह कार्य सिर्फ आसमाजिक (बेकार) लोगो के द्वारा किया जाता है सिर्फ और सिर्फ बिहार को बदनाम करने के लिये |
  2. For confirming the answer to any question students are suggested to check out by their mentor/teacher/professors. 

Exam on 8th Feb 2018 Physics Objective Questions 

Question number 1 to 10 objective type with answerresult , 10th , 10th result, bihar board, result of ewnth  Click here 

11- The dimensional formula for 1/2 e E 2 is identical to that of:-
Answer –   B ²/2 μ n 

12- The circular coil of radius R Carries a current I. The Magnetic field at its centre is B. At what distance from the centre, on the axis of the coil, the magnetic field will be B/8:-
Answer – √3R

13- Magnetic dipole moments is vector qualify directed from:-
Answer – South or North pole 

14- A wire of magnetic dipole moment M and L is bent into the shape of a semicircle of radius r. What will be its new dipole moment?
Answer-  2m/π 
15- In a closed circuit of resistance 10 oms, the linked flu varies with time according to relation @ = 6r2 – 5t + 1. At t = 0.25 second, the current in Ampere0 flowing through the circuit is

Answer – 0.2 

16. in AC circuit the current and voltage are given by 5 crosswords and vehicle to 200 sin respectively loss in a circuit is.

Answer – 1000w 

17. the energy of an Electromagnetic radiation is 13.2 Kev this radiation is no no no related to which region of the spectrum

Answer – X-Ray 

18.The image formed by an objective lens a compound microscope

Answer – Real & Large

19. A convex lens is a liquid whose refractive index is equal to practice index of materials of lens focal length will.

Answer – Become infinite 

20critical angle for light moving from medium first to medium second is theta the speed of light in medium first is V it is medium second is

Answer –

21. a magnifying glass is to be used at the fixed object distance of a single thing if it is to produce An erect in x 5 items when you find its focal length should be

Answer – 1.25″ remove hyper metropia lens used is

Answer – Convex 

23.which of following phenomena taken place when a monochromatic light is an incident on a prism.

Answer – All of the above

24.Optical Fibre communication is based on which of the following phenomena.

Answer  – Total internal reflection 

25 the value of maximum amplitude produced due to the interference of two waves is given why 1 equal to 4 sine bar and by 2 equal to 3 cos 1

Answer –

26. The phase difference is related to different by

Answer – 2π/λ θ

27. Resolving power of human eyes in minute is

Answer –

28. A practice of mass M charge Q is accelerated through a potential v. de Broglie wavelength of the practice will be

Answer – h/√2qmV 

29. The number of photons of frequency 10 to the power 14 hectares in radiations of 6.6 will be

Answer –  10 ²° 

30. The minimum angular moment of the electron in hydrogen atoms will be

Answer –

31. The atomic number and mass number for specimen urgent and a respective number of neutrons in the will be

Answer –  A-Z 

32. The quantities are conserved in a nuclear reaction

Answer –   Total Charge, Angular momentum & Linear Momentum – All the above 

33. Meaning of FfAX is

Answer – Fascial Telegraphy 

34. A semiconductor is Bullet from 1K to T2 then resistance will

Answer – Increase 

35. If the current constant for a transistor are alpha and beta then

Answer –  β > 1 , α<1 


All question and answer have been updated – keep tune this page for exam chemistry and other subject answer key and other detail.

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Note:- provide all the details for information purpose only. questions and their answer collected by the students after the examination. 


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