Physics Objective question 2017 – Bihar Board Compartmental Exam MCQ Question Exam 05/07/2017

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On 05th July 2017, BSEB has been taken the Compartmental Examination of Physics from the students who have filled on BSEB 2017 Compartmental Examination. If you are searching for the Bihar Class 12th Compartmental Examination Objective Type of question, Inter Physics Exam objective question, 2017 compartmental objective examination download, and Bihar Compartmental Examination MCQ question of PHY. On this website, we have provided the details of download Answer keys all Physics Question Objection option go through the below links. 

Bihar Board Class 12th Compartmental Examination Objective type question 2017

Bihar board Physics Exam 08th Feb 2018 – Question Answer Answer key details you are searching

Bihar Board Physics Objective Questions with Answer key 2018 – click on this link SSC ASI Exam Results

Question 1. If the Potential energy of an electronic dipole of moment P in its position perpendicular electronic field E is taken zero, then its potential energy at angle 0 with E is?

(a) P.E                       (b)  -P.E

(c) PxE                      (d) PE (1-Cos0)

Question 2. The surface charge density of a conductor is σ. Electric field near it is –

(a) σ/2∈ °                (b) σ/∈0

(c) 2σ/∈0  (d)  σ/3∈ 0

Question 3. Change on the condenser in the circuit shown in figure will be

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(a) 18 μc     (b) 12 μc   (c)   6 μc  (d)  36 μc

Question 4. 

Question 5. 

Question 6. 

Question 7. If Phase differences between current and potential differences is φ then power factor will be

(a) sinφ (b) cos φ (c) tanφ (d) none 

Question 8. 1/LW is unit of a straight conducting rod that horizontal along

(a) R   (b) Lw   (c) Both (d) none a  

Question 9. A straight conducting rod that horizontal along east-west is related to fall, potential difference across it will b0 increase decrease change direction

(a) Be Zero (b)  increase (c) decrease (d) change direction 

Question 10. To convert a galvanometer into voltmeter required is of 

(a) high resistance   (b) low resistance (c) condenser (d) inductor 

Question 11. The truth table show of 

(a) OR gate  (b) AND gate  (c) NOR gate (d) None

Question 12. Kirchoff s second law is law of conservation of 

(a) Charge  (b) energy  (c) momentum (d) angular momentum

Question 13. In the Circuit shown in figure ∈1 = 10 V, ∈ 2 6 V are emf’ of two cell/batteries and r1 = 2 Ω are their internal resustabces, Potebtuak difference across the the cell connected between points C and D will be – 

(a)more than 6 V (b) less than 6 V  (c) more than 10 V (d) less than 10 V

Question 14. Wheatstone bridge compares – 

(a) resistances  (b) current  (c) potential differences  (d) all 

Question 15. Cause of mirage is – 

(a) refraction and total internal reflection  (b) diffraction (c)  scaffering (d) interference 

Question- 16.  color of a thin film is due to – 

(a) scattering (b)interference (c)  diffraction (d) polarisation 

Question 17. Blue color of sky in due to – 

(a) Scattering  (b)interference (c) polarisation  (d) diffraction

Question 18. Cause of rainbow formation is – 

(a) deviation  (b) Dispersion (c) both  (d) none 

Question 19. S.I unit of decay constant is – 

(a) hertz (b) meter  (c) per meter  (d) none 

Question 20. List of a fossil in estimated by – 

(a) carbon dating  (b) X – ray  (c) ϒ – ray  (d) laser  

Question 21. Work function of copper is of the order of 

(a) electron volt (ev)  (b) joule  (c) watt  (d) volt 

Question 22.  Source of solar energy is-

(a) nuclear fission  (b) nuclear fusion (c) both  (d) none

Question 23. If energy of photon of blue light is E1 that of yellow light is E2, then

(a) E1= E2  (b) E1 > E2  (c) E1< E2 (d)  E1 = 2E2 

Question 24. Full wave rectifier user – 

(a) two diodes   (b) three diodes    (c) four diodes  (d) five didodes 

Question 25. Unit of Mobillity is- 

(a) A.M/newton  (b) second/metre   (c)  meter / ampere.second (d)  none 

Question 26. NOT gate in realised by – 

(a) npn transistor in common emitter connection

(b)npn transistor in common base connection

(c) ppn transistor in common emitter connection

(d) Pnp transistor in common base connection. 

Question 27. The decimal number 27 can be written in binary number as – 

(a) 11011  (b) 10111  (c) 11001 (d) 10011   

Question 28. Modulation is of- 

(a)  2 types  (b) 3 types  (c) 4 types  (d)  5 types  

Bihar Compartmental Exam 2017 Physics Question Paper 2017 

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