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By | April 2, 2020

All student of Bihar Board Science Faculty has participated in the BSEB Physics exam on the 8-02-2018 at the exam centre for which they are allotted. After giving of Bihar board physic exam 2018 student want to know how much marks they will be the score in physics subject in Bihar board examination 2018.

Here on this website, we have updated Physics objective types answer at the below click and match your answers.  Aall subject objective type question with the answer on this website check links given on this website. 

All student of the Bihar Board Science side can analyze their marks in the Phy subject in which they give an exam. – This year question and answer we will update after the examination visit

BSEB Physics exam

Latest Update: March 2020: BSEB has been announced the Class 12th Examination 2020 Result on the 24th March 2020. Check Intermediate Result 2020.

BSEB Exam Answer Copy will be rechecked  – Know details here 

  1. The electrical intensity inside a charged hollow sphere is-     Answer– 
  2. Three capacitors each of capacity C are connected in series. The resultant capacity will be. Answer
  3. The cells emf {\mathcal {E}} 1 and {\mathcal {E}}2 internal resistance r1 and r2 connected in parallel. The equivalent emf of the combination is- Answer
  4. Permeability µ of a ferromagnetic substance –  Answer
  5. S.I unit of pole strength is-  Answer
  6. Which element is used in electric heater? Answer
  7. Absorbed electrical energy is- Answer
  8. Wheat stone’s bridge is used in measuring- Answer
  9. If the equation of an electric current is I = 0.6 sub 100nt, the frequency of electric current is Answer
  10. The unit of reactance is- Answer                                                                                                                                                     
  11. The relation between peak current Io and root mean square current I rms is – Answer – 
  12. A short-sighted person uses for clear vision- Answer
  13. The critical angle of light passing from glass to air is minimum for – Answer – 
  14. The angle of minimum deviation for thin prism of refractive index (µ) is- Answer – 
  15. Transverse nature of light is to show by – Answer – 
  16.  The focal length of a lens µ =1.5 in air is 20cm. Its focal length in medium of refractive index 1.5 is-  Answer –                                                      
  17. The direction of transmission of electromagnetic wave is- Answer – 
  18. The unit of ratio of magnetic field B and electrical field E (B/E) is- Answer – 
  19. The energy of emitted photoelectron depends on up on-   Answer – 
  20. Which one of following is charge less? – Answer –                                                                                                                                                               
  21. Which series of hydrogen spectrum does not lie in the infrared region? – Answer – 
  22. The energy of an electron in first Bohr orbit of the hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV. What is energy of electron in its 2nd Bohr-Orbit-  Answer – 
  23. Time during which the amount of radioactive substance becomes half of its initial amount is called-  Answer – 
  24. β Rays are deflected in – Answer – 
  25. For n – type Germanium, impurity doped in Germanium is –  Answer – 
  26. Diode is used as- Answer
  27. Boolean expression for NAND gate is – Answer –
  28. The height of a TV transmission tower at any place on the surface of the earth is 245 m. The maximum distance up to which transmission of tower will reach is-  Answer –    

Click to BSEB Chemistry Objective Answer Sheet  2018

Bihar Board Annual Examination 2018 Physics Objective Answer keys download 

Answer key

1 C ,    2 C,    3 B,    4 A,   5 C,

6 D,     7 soon,     8 A,    9 B,   10 A,

11 A,  12 B,   13 A,   14 B,  15 D,

16 D,  17D,   18 C,    19 A,   20 C,

21 D,  22 A,   23 B,    24 D,   25C,

26 D,  27 A,  28 C                                                 

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Answer of this all question has been updated on this website. If you wish to know more about the Bihar board Inter exam annual exam 2017 then you can ask through the comment  — Answer of all this question objective type physics exam 16th Feb 2017 updated above.

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