Sainik School Complete Details

By | October 28, 2020

Sainik School is one of the most prestigious and sought after schools in the country. Children and their parents always aspire to enroll their kids in Sainik school. As more students preparing for getting admission into Sainik School it makes Sainik School Entrance Exam quite competitive. 

Through this writing, we will cover every detail related to Sainik School which helps your understanding of Sainik School. Some of the key points to discuss are Advantages of Studying in Sainik School, How to Join Sainik, List of All Sainik School, Other related questions to ask. 

Sainik School Complete Information 

Sainik Schools are spread across the country in different states. All Sainik Schools are managed by the Sainik School Society. It was established after the recommendation of the then Defense Minister of India V.K Menon in 1961. Just after the establishment year, Sainik School has a rich history of able alumni who served our country. 

Management Body, Sainik School Society comes under the Defense Ministry of Country. It was established to provide a high-quality education to less privileged and backward sections of the people. 

sainik school completed details

Sainik school completed details

Sainik School selects only bright and capable students through conducting the All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE). AISSEE is conducted every year in various stages of the examination. The motto of Sainik School is to prepare students for leading the defense services of the country through the National Defense Academy (NDA). 

Advantages of Studying in Sainik School

While discussing with one of the Alumni of Sainik School advantages of Studying in Sainik School. We pointed below points worth mentioning. 

  • The purpose of Sainik school is to send students to serve the Defence Services of the country. 
  • In Sainik School, students will find an environment for all-round development of personality. Education is strictly based on CBSE which is a fair standard in the country. On average, all students get distinction marks, especially in board exams. 
  • Very keen focus is on sports and athletics. As we know sports teach us many attributes such as Team Work, Confidence, Fighting spirit which adds up to personality.
  • Dramatics, Debates, and Declamations. Every student at Sainik School gets a chance to participate in Dramatics, Debates, and Declamations. Every student has to go through public speaking at least 4 times a year in front of large crowds so when you pass out, you don’t have any stage phobia which is an important quality of a leader. 
  • NCC is compulsory for all the cadets. By the time you pass out, you would have attended at least 10 NCC camps, and a C- Certificate. These certificates further help you in career-making. Most of the departments have reserved for NCC cadets or fewer criteria to qualify. 
  • Other extracurricular activities like horse riding, swimming, music, candle making, dramatics, Band are also there to learn along with Academics. 
  • NDA ( National defense academy). You will be offered a tour to NDA to get inspired to join Defence Service.
  • With all these things in place. Sainik School students are better prepared for UPSC and SSB interviews.

How to Join Sainik School?

Sainik School Society has prescribed the Admission Procedure to take entry into various Sainik School. For class 9th Only boys are allowed while for class 6th Girls can also take admission. For 11th Class Admission, No Entrance Exam is conducted. In rare cases, if many students leave school after 10th then students can get enrolled for a few seats. 

To join Sainik School, students must qualify all stages of the examination conducted by the Sainik School Society. Such stages examination is the All India Sainik School Examination (Written), Medical Test, and Personal Interview.

More Details Visit Sainik School Official Website 

Only qualified students in all stages of the examination will be allowed to take admission in Sainik School. For performing better in the Sainik School Entrance Examination, we have provided the complete details about exam preparation, etc. 

List of all 33 Sainik School in India (Statewise)

 School No   State Name   School Name 
 1 Andhra Pradesh Sainik School Korukonda
 2 Andhra Pradesh Sainik School Kalikiri
 3 Assam Sainik School Goalpara
 4 Bihar Sainik School Nalanda
 5 Bihar Sainik School Gopalganj
 6 Chhattisgarh Sainik School Ambikapur
 7 Gujarat Sainik School Balachadi
 8 Haryana Sainik School Kunjpura
 9 Haryana Sainik School Rewari
 10 Himachal Pradesh Sainik School SujanpurTira
 11 Jammu & Kashmir Sainik School Nagrota
 12 Jharkhand  Sainik School Tilaiya
 13 Karnataka Sainik School Bijapur 
 14  Karnataka Sainik School Kodagu
 15 Kerala Sainik School Kazhakootam
 16 Madhya Pradesh Sainik School Rewa
 17 Maharashtra Sainik School Satara
 18 Maharashtra Sainik School Chandrapur
  19  Manipur Sainik School Imphal
 20 Mizoram Sainik School Chhingchhip
 21 Nagaland Sainik School Punglwa
 22 Odisha Sainik School Bhubaneswar
 23 Odisha  Sainik School Sambalpur
 24 Punjab Sainik School Kapurthala
 25 Rajasthan Sainik School Chittorgarh
 26 Rajasthan Sainik School Jhunjhunu
 27 Tamil Nadu Sainik School Amaravathi Nagar
 28 Uttarakhand Sainik School Ghorakhal
 29  West Bengal Sainik School Purulia
 30 Arunachal Pradesh Sainik School East Siang
 31 Uttar Pradesh Sainik School Mainpuri
 32 Uttar Pradesh Sainik School Jhansi
33  Uttar Pradesh Sainik School Amethi

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What is the monthly fee of Sainik School?

Answer: Sainik School Society has defined the Annual fee for New Admission and Renewal Fee for existing students. It is Rs. 1,34,000 for General Category students while Rs. 1,32,500 for SC/ST category students in New Admission. For more information, you can check with the Sainik School Society. 

Question: How many seats are there in Sainik School?

Answer: There are 33 Sainik Schools in the country. Every Sainik school has a different seat capacity. Seat capacity ranges from 60 seats to 100 seats. It depends on which Sainik School you enrolled. 

Question: Which is the best Sainik School in India?

Answer: All Sainik schools are equipped with all the facilities and environment for students. In terms of the NDA Selection List, we can say some of the Sainik Schools are doing better than the rest. List of Best Sainik School in India are:

  • Sainik School Kunjpura, (Karnal Haryana)
  • Sainik School Ghorakhal, (Nainital Uttrakhand)
  • Sainik School Kapurthala (Panjab)
  • Sainik School Tilaiya (Koderma Jharkhand)
  • Sainik School Korukonda (Andhra Pradesh)

Question: Can I join Sainik School in Class 11th?

Answer: NO, You can’t join Sainik School for class 11th. In rare cases, if many students leave school after 10th then students can get enrolled for a few seats. All India Sainik School Entrance Exam is conducted only for class 6th and class 9th students.  

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