School Role in Students life | Teaching of school

By | August 24, 2018

School is an integral part of students life. School is responsible and aims to bring out the best from each student and maximize their potential. School is not the place just to gain knowledge or learn but it also teaches you all and everything about life. 

School Role in Students life 

Today in this article rather than giving importance of school through points I will revisit you again to your school and give you checkpoints that where and what can you learn at every step of school time. 

School Role in Students 

School Gives us to believe that someone is out there to help us (GOD)
We all can remember that our school day starts with a morning prayer. It teaches us that wherever you are in whatever situation you have always started the day with the morning prayer and keep faith in GOD. Just focus on good habits everything will be fine.

Development of Patriotism (Desh Bhakti)

National Anthem (Rashtra Gan) always used to give me goosebumps. As soon as you hear those words “Jan Gan Man” forget everything for the next 52 seconds. My voice naturally used to be a louder voice coming out from the deep down of my heart. I feel devoted to my motherland (Bharat Maa). Basically, it develops the patriotism in you.

Teaches Uniformity through school dress of every student

Probably you haven’t realized but one of the noblest parts of school life was teaching equality through school dress. No matter how much rich your friends still had to wear the same school dress. It doesn’t make less privileged students inferior. The purpose of school life is showing your intelligence not wealth or social status.

Compassion by the act of greeting

While the secular world teaches to respect money and power. School teaches to respect every individual meet with a compassionate greeting. Such habits make you more humble and grounded.

Moral Education through BOOKS

In school time whatever we studied from moral books the purpose was to take out the lifelong lesson. Irrespective of our grammar understanding we used to learn it from our heart. That was the pure form of learning where we learned to make it as part of life, not the other way around.

Cherishing best moments on LUNCH break

In life, once we graduate from school we forget the impeccable teaching school gave to all of us. Most of you can relate to it. I used to wait for LUNCH time as it was the time for me when I can spend my best moments with my friends. We used to share our lunch that was another take away from school time LUNCH break.

Answer of every question in the LABS period

Humans have so many questions out of curiosity but with the passage of time we don’t seek out for answers but school time was different where we used to experiment on everything we could in the LABS period. LABS period always gives us the opportunity to learn something new.

Best habit of human life is reading learned in LIBRARY period

As it goes you improve as long as you learn and you learn as long as you read. Earlier we all were susceptible to read but library period teaches us to adopt the best habit of learning to start with interesting books in a silent ideal atmosphere of the library.

Staying fit learned in GAMES’ PERIOD

Now I realized the importance of the Games Period. We used to have fun utmost possible in Games Period but it was very important for our body. Through Games, we learn the spirit of working in a team,

All round development by EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

Yes, either it is about giving a speech to winning the essay competition, somehow makes you a person you have never dreamt of. Try out at each and everything and get your hands dirty on every new experience.


Yes, when your home is just five minutes away from your school but still you reach your home after one hour of closing time of your school, just to talk a little more to your best buddies, even if the temp is 44-degree Celsius.

The astounding 12 years what we call as school life is not just about the school but the foundation of our life. Mostly we take our schools for granted, we ignore it like it was a part of life, but what you have learned from it is the essence of a radiant life. I met some of the best people in my life during my school life.

Share your school time learning with us or if you are still in school then enjoy your school time to the fullest.

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