score maximum marks in board exam through understanding all the topic instant of memorise

By | January 28, 2018

For scoring good marks in any board exam or in any subject it is good to understand the topics instant of memorizing the things. If you are willing to score maximum marks on any subject and going to participate in the board exam then you must understand the topics which you need to know about how to score good marks in board examination. Economics is a subject in which students have to totally focus on theories, diagram, graph and numerical. Here are some of the useful tips for the students of Economics. Good cover of all the topics of Economics.

 How to score maximum marks in economics 

There is two parts of Economics 1 microeconomics and another macroeconomics. Both economies are equally important for students for scoring good marks in the board exam students are suggested to get good marks by making good command on consumer demand, consumer behaviour & utility approach law of demand.

The student should also Make focus on the chapter like the determination of income and Employment, national income and related aggregates form of the market. All chapters are equally important for a score Marks in Board 12 class in economics subjects.

If you are participating from CBSE then you must prepare NCERT book other board students are suggested to read their board exam book. 

Last minute tips for economics

  • students I would like to clarify that it is not a subject which can be understood in the short period of the time. 
  • A student should be confident of what they had learnt earlier mean time of exam do not read or do not touch any new topic which you not earlier studies.
  • Before because it will make you confused and you will unable to understand them. 
  • Which question answer you have to remember to write the answer to that question. Give answer all the questions step by step in clear word. 
  • An answer all the question wisely so the examiner can check the question answer properly & they understand your concept which you want to write.

Write the question answer in the limit word as described in the question as per question carry numbers. 

Three points are very important in the economic subject

  • It Should be descriptive and diagram should be given.
  • All important topic points should be underlined.
  • Which are very important there should be mention with sub-heading if required. 

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