Score well in Biology through Repeat/ Revision

By | April 11, 2020

As students of intermediate class 12th and willing to become a doctor. Hey, guys, you have great dreams and really you are appreciation person. Like the person, a doctor is the name of another God. So coming to the point you have to participate in the board examination of intermediate and you have given the biology exam and want to participate in biology exam.

Score well in Biology through Repeat/ Revision

Might be you will know that how to score well in the biology, way to score good marks in the Biology, How to obtain good marks in biology and how to prepare the Biology for scoring good marks. So here we have mentioned the some of the useful tips which will help you to score good marks in Biology subject in board examination. 

Make Biology subject interesting

If you find some difficulty to understand any topics or any technical terms in the biology then you must be split it into the smalle section and then you need to understand. By the Bio summary and important topics notes which will help you to revise and understand topic easily. Before the examination does not touch any new topic in the Biology subject it will make you confused. Practice with the diagram is very important in the biology. 

understand using the diagram in the Biology

Biology subject diagram will help you to understand the topics very well so never miss any important diagram in the Biology. Make the some of important diagram like Lac Operon, reproduction in forwarding plants, both male and female and plasmic diagram are important. Read all the related topics in a short part. 

Study well the scoring chapters in biology 

In the Biology subject, long type question is good for marks, It can help to score marks in Biology subject. In the long-term answer questions its called the scoring chapters. Student to prepare for the some of a scoring chapter like Ecology, Genetics, reproduction and Biotechnology. After completing the Biology syllabus for a score good marks in Biology subject students must revise the chapters many times as much possible to score well on the board exams.  Getting admission in Medical Entrance Examination. 

Biology last-minute tips

Here are useful tips for students of Biology exam participatory students, focus on the all the topics on which you have good command, practice with a diagram with labelling carefully practice with Biology model question paper and previous year examination question.

Always prefer  NCERT book to score Marks in the 12th class by CBSE.  Always try to write in good handwriting and speed. Do some practice for writing 3 hours with complete question answer of available question papers of board examination Biology subject. 

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