Self-study tips for board exam

By | July 28, 2019

Hello Students, In this article we are going to discuss Self-study tips for the board exam. As a student, you should know that self-study is the most important part of the preparation for an exam, especially for the board exam.

Most successful students always emphasize about the self-study for securing good marks in the board exam. You learn from their experience and wants to self-study but find it difficult to study. Students have confusion that where to start, which chapter, to begin with?

Self-study tips for the board exam

Here we are going to share self-study tips for the board exam.

How to prepare through self-study tips for board exam without coaching

  • It’s not mandatory to join any coaching to prepare for the board exam. We list you some of the reasons to why no need to join any coaching.
  • Coaching will never prepare you other than the syllabus for the exam. If you are a board exam student then you might need to prepare for competitive exams simultaneously which is only possible if you do self-study.
  • While studying in coaching you will never be able to “think out of the box” that will destroy your creativeness and imagination and will always be confined with tailor-made study patterns while during self-study you think all the possibilities of a problem.

Coaching will take lots of money from you. You have to pressurize parents for hefty fees. You will lose lots of Gandhiji notes. It is not wise to spend such additional amount for studies along with school fees.

Self-Study Tips for Board Exam

Make Scheduled time for Self-Study

The most critical point is devoting a noteworthy part of your day to examining the time for self-study. You can’t abruptly concentrate for 9-10 hours per day while you were only studying 3-4 hours only during a day. You will discover it too huge of a change and will get diverted easily. Try to some of the tips while making time for self-study.

Observe your daily routine and cut down few minutes of your play and other activities time.
Further, observe your daily non-productive time and try to minimize it.
Repeat the process until you increase your self-study time to at least 3-4 hours in a day.

Setting a Time Table

Fixing a timetable is quite important. Especially if you are preparing for board exams then also include daily topic targets along with a timetable of the day. Devote more time to topics which is your weaker part and try to strengthen it by practising more before the board exam.

Effective Use of Time

While doing self-study you should keep in mind that you have limited time for self-study so use time effectively. Some of these self-study tips for board exam are

Don’t study while laying on the bed or a very comfortable couch. Rather sit on desk and chair while doing self-study.

Avoid phone calls, texting or use of any social media. It will distract you a lot with your study and hamper your productivity of studies.

Don’t listen to music. We heard a lot from students that while studying listening to music helps them concentrating more which is not true. Instead, listen to music after the self-study time gets over.

Self-Study Tips for Board Exam shared by One of the successful students with us.

Religiously read NCERT books for all of your subjects.
  • Make notes of all subjects by referring to NCERT book. This helped save lots of time while reading or revising the concepts.
  • Solve previous year questions. If possible go for chapte rwise previous year questions.
  • Never underestimate the importance of boards exam!
  • Avoid distraction from social networking sites which curb a lot of time from the schedule!

Mind above tips while study and hope that this will help to understand the concepts of the chapter and this will surely help to gain good knowledge. 

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