Should I study from Coursebook or reference book? || Why is coursebook important

By | August 24, 2018

Should I study from Coursebook or reference book?
Why is coursebook important?

How many times have you asked this question to your teachers, friends or yourself only? I know it is quite natural to have such questions in mind while preparing for the board exams. 

Should I study from Coursebook or reference book? 

I will give you complete insights and information about preparation for board exams. If you are among such students preparing for board exams and still puzzled with such questions then read further. 

Importance of Coursebook

Various examination boards such as Bihar board designed the textbook in accord with the exam pattern. Textbooks provided by the board should be as important as the Gita for religions. Not only in your board exams but it would be a great help for the preparation of competitive exams.

Coursebooks are available from the primary classes to inter. As a student, it will be quite a familiar language for you to learn. Coursebooks are prepared according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern so it will keep you updated and right track.

Important points about Coursebook

Original Content

Coursebooks are designed and published after a substantial research. Prepared contents in the coursebook based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern. So studying from coursebook will keep you on the right track of preparation.

Build Concepts easily

All Coursebooks are prepared with the intents of by reading students can have a clear understanding of topics. If you read from Coursebook then you will be able to fundamental or basic concepts quite easily. Once you build fundamental concepts then further on you can enhance it quite easily.

Direct questions from Coursebook

By observing the last 10 years exam question papers I noticed that many questions come directly from the coursebook in the matric and inter-board exams. Not only that at times direct questions from coursebook have been asked in various competitive exams also

Quality Questions

You will find all the questions asked in the coursebook are based on the same pattern of questions asked in the examination. So by solving such questions helps you to eventually prepare for the exams also.

Studying from coursebook will surely help you but if you want to get really good marks then reference book is also necessary. Even if you don’t study from the reference you will be passed but to score good marks need further study from reference or supplementary books.

When to study form reference book?

If you have completed your chapter or topic from coursebook you can study from reference book to get a deeper knowledge of study.
You can also refer supplementary book if you are unable to understand theory part from a coursebook.

More practices of questions can be done by reference book which will help in preparation of exams.

Conclusion: I advise to study vividly from the coursebook then only refer reference book for more practice of questions or understanding the topics.

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