Should Social Networking Sites ban in India? Reason & Cause

By | August 24, 2018
Should Social Networking Sites ban in India? This question has been red hot in India for a handful number of times. It is easily understandable also as India being a vast country in terms of geographical areas as well as diversity it is very difficult to control every minute activities happening around on social networking sites. 

Should Social Networking Sites ban in India? 

There is absolutely no doubt that Social Networking sites have their advantages but unfortunately, it also comes up with various ill effects. 

What is Social Networking Sites? 

“A social networking site is an online platform that allows users to create a public profile and interact with other users on the website”. 

Banning the Social Networking sites have been old demands and If India bans social networking sites then India Wil not be the only country to impose such block. China has blocked and Google, Facebook Long times ago. 
Reasons for Banning Social Networking Sites in India
Kashmir is our core issue well known to each of us has been burning recently. Anti Social Elements take advantages of Social Media to run sentiments among the masses to spread the hatred for Indian Government and Soldiers. 
Terror activities spread all over the world especially in India operates from centers use Social Media to spread such hatred messages. Time, again and again, it has been proved that Terrorists use Social Media to pass such hatred and connected through social media to disintegrate Indian Society. 

Millions of youth like us are using social networking sites actually waste lots of our time sitting idle on social media.

Control and regulation of Social Media are not possible by Indian Government so sometimes ban seems a better option. 

Social Networking taking a great toll on people psychology engaged with Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

What would happen if India Ban Social Media?
Do you know what changes you can experience if India bans social media? 
  • The productivity of the people will start increasing as I feel it slows down the constructive and effective time of each person engaged on social media. 
  • Harassment and cyberbullying will stop especially among teens it has been observed that Social Media plays an important role in cyberbullying, less focus in studies. 
  • People of India will come up with some sort of Jugaad.
  • People will protest as you must have noticed the Indian Government Banned all porn sites in India but activists filed multiple complaints in Supreme Court and eventually, Government had to turn down decisions within 3 days. 
  • Such kind of Ban on largest democratic nation India will be treated as a violation of Freedom of expression so it seems not feasible to ban social networking sites. 

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