Should Start Preparation for Govt Job after 10th?

By | August 14, 2018
Class 10th is the most crucial class in our school life. When we are in class 10th everybody in our family, relatives, neighbors, teachers, friends have lots of expectations from us. It is not easy to ignore all such developments in and around us. 

Should Start Preparation for Govt Job after Matric

Beside that Class, 10th comes up with lots of confusion, anxiety, excitement, and nervousness also. One such very prominent confusion we have Should Start preparation for Govt Job after 10th? This question can be answered objectively by either yes or no but I will explain my answer in detail for you so that you can better understand.  
If you are among those students who have not made up your mind for Government jobs then read further

Advantages of Government Jobs

Salary On Time
Whether you are engineer or businessman in a time of crisis you will affect but if you are government employee then be it time of any natural disasters or any economic recession you will receive your salary on time. 
You are always Free
In a government job, you will not feel any work pressure so you will find lots of free time. Any private job will not provide such liberties. After coming back from home you will not feel any tension or workload. 
Tip: You can utilize such free times by doing some constructive work or adopting good habits of learning something new, reading books etc. 
Living Facility
Government employee gets houses as Government Quarters for living without any tension. If you they don’t get a house then they will provide you with equivalent money as an allowance.
Take care of your health
The government will take care of your along with family full health. You can save lots of money as you don’t need to single amount of money on medicines etc. 

Planning  for Govt Job in future

Now if you are convinced to do government job in future then I am giving you the reasons why you should start preparing after 10th.
I can understand you must be thinking college life should be all fun then why to prepare for a government job during college life?
Focus Point for Preparation Govt Job  
  • If you start early preparation right after 10th class then by the time you complete your Inter (Class 12th) you will have completed your syllabus and can easily clear any competitive exams. 
  • While you are in Inter, you will find lots of time for study but after Inter you will not have time, energy and passion to study long hours. 
  • After 10th class, you start preparing for government jobs. you will find the ideal environment to study as you will be always associated with your friends, teachers who can help you but later that is not possible. 
These are just a few important reasons that why you should start preparing early for government hobs as early as right after class 10th. 
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