Should students pressurize their parents for demanding anything or not

By | August 29, 2018

Should students pressurize their parents for demanding anything or not? In India, we often see this either we talk about middle-class family or low earning family or high-class family.  

Demanding from parents by students 

In India, we see parents play a very important role in our life not just in childhood but also when we are grown up. More often they pressurize students to follow their decisions and students end up with frustrating life. So

Should students pressurize their parents for demanding anything or not?

In this column, we will discuss it logically so that students can understand how to avoid any conflicts with the parents.  

Should Students pressurize their parents for demanding anything or not?

All the time students think that their parents expect way too much but students need to understand they expect because they trust you. We expect from only those people in our life whom we trust. You don’t expect anything from a stranger. Right? Because you don’t trust them at all. 

Pressurize parents for demanding anything 

The second reason for Indian Parents high expectations are because of their love and affection towards their children. So you should feel lucky if your parents expect too much from you.

Most of the time our parents pressurize us so that we can be good human being for e.g If they want you to get up early in the morning then it will benefit you only. In such scenarios, students should not pressurize their parents for demanding anything.


What if your parents expecting something not right?

For e.g, if right after the inter examination (Class 12 Board) you want to become a lawyer and your parents are forcing you to become an engineer then like you students pressurize their parents. There is a way to let them understand your preferences for courses.

The first step is to sit with them and discuss let them understand your choices, the scope of the course, life after the course etc. If they don’t understand it. 

They might try emotional blackmail. Do not fall for such emotional blackmail. Talk to them maturely and Be mature in your talks and tell them that engineering is not what you want. But be prepared to the answer the question ‘then what do you want’ note down points as to why you don’t like engineering. 

What reasons you have? Try to convince them that you will not like it
Share the experiences of people who joined engineering because of their parents pressurize and wishes and even though students absolutely hated it.

You can find such stories in real life. There were even cases of suicide after choosing to engineer.

You should share that you understand Parents. After all, Parents want a good career for you. You can understand that they are worried about your successful career. But tell them what they should be worried about your happiness too.

There are good career prospects for other courses too. Show them examples of high earning people from other career steams as well.

Do not rebel, talk to them emotionally.

Why do Indian parents expect too much from their kids?

I think, most of us have experienced it. Various researches on the same topic concluded that Indian parents have very high expectations and hope that they build a successful career in adult life. That report shows the rocket expectation of Indian parents for children.

One very important reason for such high hope and expectations is Indian Parents love their children a lot. Which make them see their children have a successful career no matter what.

Conclusion: Students should understand that parents are someone who wants their best so most of the time answer of the question Should students pressurize their parents for demanding anything or not would be No while if that is affecting your career like we discuss then definitely students should pressurize parents.

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