SSC MTS exam analysis Answer key overview -Staff Selection commission Non Technical LDC Exam 30-4-2017 question and answer

By | May 1, 2017

SSC MTS exam analysis Answer key overview -Staff Selection commission Non-Technical MTS Exam 30-4-2017 question and answer for the analysis. Students around the Bihar and UP who have applied for SSC MTS Nontechnical Examination they gave the exam in the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. After giving of SSC MTS Exam students wish to analysis SSC MTS Exam 30th April 2017. Here in this post going to share SSC LDC Exam on 30th March 2nd Sitting 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM. If you are also searching for SSC MTS Exam Answer key then you are on the right page. Here we provide some of the useful tool and services by the help of that you can get the overview of SSC Non-Technical MTS Exam Marks and examination question and answers. Check below some useful links. 

 Here I am not going to take your precious time to saying any more things about the SSC Exam MTS Answer keys with a solution. First of all, here is going to provide you SSC MTS Exam 30-04-2017 English Question. Soon we will also update the Staff Selection commission MTS Exam Overview tool and guessing numbers of SSC Non-Technical MTS Exam 2017.

Staff Selection Commission MTS Answer key @

Find any error in the paragraph.  There is 4 parts of each sentence find error or no error A/B/C/D – D for no error.

51- Tomorrow we are holding /  a party / around the garden./ No Error

52- Atoms are the tiny particles /of which everything / are made. / No error 

   53- A new bank account /has in the process/ of being set up for you. / No error 

       54. CO2 and other/green house gases / is essential in the atmosphere. / No error. 

      55. They have been/married / since twenty years. / No error

SSC Non-Technical LDC Exam Marks guess by SSC MTS Exam Answer keys

        56.       We were honouring/ to have such an eminent historian/in our school. / No error.     

57. W heard/ of their / having discovered another stream./ No error

58. Who the Gods/ would destroy/they first make mad. / No error

59. He never/ Listed / what I said . No error

60. The match being over/ the gentleman goes / to Dhaka with heavy heart. / no error

Now from the question no 61 to 70 there is sentence fill with suitable words.

61. I’ve got  a meeting … …………Thursday afternoon.

A- at , B- in , C- on , D- to

62. I usually do the washing in the  …………..

A-week, B-Holiday,   C- Sunday,  D- Weekend,

63. I wondered if he would comply ……..grandfather’s wishes.

A-to, B-for , C-with, D-by,

64. John returns from his office to find Philip …….. in bed. 

A-late, B-still, C-freezing, D-slept,

65. We must desist ———— spreading rumours.

A-in, B-from, C-of, D-with,

66. John has not decided whether to go for higher studies or to ————- a job.

A-take in, B-take to, C- take up, D-take off ,

67. You will certainly help us, ———————

A-will you ? , B-won’t you? , C- wouldn’t you ?  , D- would you? ,

68. Polly wants to cycle round the world. She’s really keen————– the idea.

A-about, B- for , C- on , D-with,

69. The poor man wore a —————shirt.

A-shattered, B- Fettered, C- battered, D- tattered ,

70- But alas! The money was all gone. She had not a ———– left.

A-fascucke , B- Facet, C- farthing, D- fascia ,

Next, more question will be updated with answer key for more update check through the below links.

About the SSC Bihar /UP MTS Exam 2017 – If you wish to know any things or want to share any information then you can leave your fillings through the comment.   Ask any things about the SSC MTS Exam 2017 by the help of comment from the SSC Crackers.

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