Student should never do before exam

By | July 28, 2019

Hello Friends, How is your board exam preparation going? We hope that it must be well on track and if not then this article will boost up your preparation. 

You must have heard hell lots of time about typical board exam tips like sleep well, eat healthily, wake up early and so on but do you know there are various things the student should never do before the exam? Especially it is applicable for board exam students. 

What we should not do in Exam 

If you haven’t learned the counter-intuitive approach of preparation tips then this article will be of immense help to you. 

Things student should never do before exam

Don’t become Owl: Students preparing for the exams consider the better idea to wake up just like Owl. If you are such students who plan to study all night then simply drop this idea. As psychologists have to say that our brain doesn’t work attentively all night especially if you are killing your sleep by unnecessary coffee. Not only this habit will deteriorate your brain functionality in long run but also affect your health negatively.

So instead of planning a whole night study go with early night study and take proper sleep in the night. Such habit will make your brain to function more efficiently.

Don’t press panic button: While preparing for the exam, suddenly you notice questions that you don’t know and without moment delay you press the Panic Button. I know, you may have such a cliche line in your defense like ‘It’s easier said than done’. Maybe you are right but who cares? Pressing panic button will not help anyway. You should need to understand panic is one of the worst things students should never do before exam.

My point is you know what you know and you don’t what you don’t know then why are tolling so much pressure on yourself and get panicked? I hope that while preparing you don’t stumble on such a topic which you don’t know but even if you encounter such topic then don’t press a panic button.

Don’t cram at the last minute: We all have come to the point where we just gave up to understand any topic and ends up with an option of cramming it. Even though our teacher always suggests us to understand the topic rather cramming it but we are the one who decides to cram it if you are the one who does cramming then this thing student should never do before exam.

Please remember that In order to have a bright future you should sound understanding of the topics and that is not possible through cramming so cramming is not good for a longer period of time and you should avoid it.

Stop checking your phone: We all have a small but powerful weapon in our pocket. Yes, I am talking about our phone. Students have a tendency to check the mobile constantly but constantly checking the phone distract you a lot. If you don’t have self-control then switch off your mobile don’t use even wifi.

Board students especially waste lots of time stalking their crush, facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. In any case, checking phone will never keep your focus for exam preparation.

Always remember that Board Exams will give you the opportunity to have a better life in future so be harsh on yourself and don’t let yourself get deviated from the ultimate purpose of scoring good marks so avoid above-mentioned things a student should never do before the exam.

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