Students of Bihar Board are Intelligent in Math | Bihari Students are Intelligent in Math Why

By | August 10, 2018

We have heard it very often that Bihari Students are intelligent in maths and that’s true also but do you know why?
Bihari Students excel in mathematics and if you want to know the secret behind it then I am writing this post to you only. 

know Bihar Board Students are Intelligent in Math How

You must have come up with such questions as Bihari Students are intelligent in Maths, What is the Bihari Mentality of study? Trust me you will get all of your answers with this interesting post. 

Bihari Students why genius in Mathematics 

First of all, I want to clear up that Bihari Students are blessed not with some Mathematical gene but they are hard workers. They actually burn their midnight oils to achieve excellence. Here are some of the few points that will help you also to learn from them. 

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How BSEB Bihari Students Become Intelligent in Math

Being Bihari, I know that here right from school going children they feed it like there is only one way to survive is working hard and working hard means studying hard and studying hardcovers the practice of Maths only ;D

People consider you good in studies only if you are good at Maths so every student wants to do good in Mathematics no matter what. 

Earlier days only medium of study used to Hindi in Bihar Board so the only way people used to judge students by their aptitude in Maths so students practice hardest in Mathematics. Even Now such Belief is prevalent in Bihar.

In Bihar, students learn the table of 30 and cubes of 15 in very early days for faster calculations.
Bihar Students used to memorize table till 30 during play school. Earlier people use to cram table of 5/4 or 5/2. They use to call it table of sawayaa and adhaiya . Believe me, tables are very important for fast calculation.

Bihar parents are more serious about studies and they find a study as the only option for growth in life even they ensure their kids learn by sitting alongside with every morning and evening without fail. And again not to mention study means practising maths.

In Bihar Culture, kids always hear the importance of Maths so they always take it with a natural interest in it. Practice without fail from a very early age.

Sadly Bihar Economies have not been superior since independence so for brighter future they always seek for Government Jobs and for cracking Government Jobs again they have to be good in Mathematics so they practice Mathematics and make it a goal in Excel it.

People Usually believe that if you are good at Maths then its quite easy for you to grasp any other subjects. In fact, to some extent That’s Correct !! 

Not to forget Great Mathematician Aryabhatt hails from Bihar Only so here to every student they made to believe that you are descendants of great Mathematician Aryabhatt and students respond it by excelling in Mathematics

Conclusion: The Ecosystem, Belief and Hard Work of Bihari Students made them intelligent in Maths Unlike the popular belief that they have something special mathematical genes. 

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