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By | May 14, 2018

Students of India who willing to study in Abroad they require student Visa Card. Getting a student visa card is not too hard and not too easy for any students. To get any of the country Study Permit have the different rule. So students visa for the students of India to study in other countries it is essential. If you are also going to plan to study in the Any abroad country, then here I am going to mention about how to apply for student visa cards.

Here on this page we will update the link to get student visa card and proceeded to apply. First I would like to clarify that Indian students are mostly like to study in Singapore, USA, Australia  & Germany, and Canada as well France.

By looking at this things interest of students studying in Abroad country many of the school providing foreign language courses like France, Germany and Spanish and other languages. So here country wise going to mention documents and process to required for avail student visa.

India Student Apply For Visa Aboard Study 

Indian students get students visa only after the clarifying of SAT GRE TOEFL or GATE. Before applying for a student visa students are suggested to first admire all the documents country wise which require before apply. The study visa students must be aware of that country rule and regulation for issuing of study visa to the Indian student’s. So Let Start knowing about an issue or getting the student’s visa from abroad countries. 

Study Aboard Student Visa 

Singapore is the most likable country for Indian students for study. Students who apply for this country visa is known STUDENT PASS to getting of a student pass, first of all, apply for admission into a full-time program in one of the Singapore Institute Of Higher Learning (IHL).

Then the accepting the application by Institute Singapore student PASS online application and Registration System.

SOLAR apply will need some of the documents which have been mentioned student solar login and username as well registration notification from ISL. 

  1. A valid passport which issued by the Indian government
  2. Arrival and departure card that you gave given by once upon by entry to Singapore. 
  3. One passport size photographs which recently taken. 
  4. A signed & completed copy of A-form 16 has been needed to submit through SOLAR.
  5. All documents must be translated into the English language. 
  6. Approval medical report and a copy of your principle approval letter Singapore.
  7. Note: Aspirants must need to apply before one month to go the last date. 


Germany students who wish to study in Germany course duration more than 3 months, then it must be required to a student visa. This need to accepted by Germany University. 

  • Germany students visa processing fee is 6100 + nominal fee is needed as to be paid. 
  • Documents which required to submit: 
  • A Valid Passport.
  • Completed application form
  • Accepted letter to Germany University. 
  •  Valid Health Insurance within Germany and proof of student fund of support students studying in Germany. 

After official form declaring the authority of all documents once has been submitted and completion takes interview on the scheduled appointment, After the clearing interview students able to get a students visa.

Academic transcript and evidence of some proficiency should be in Germany language.

Australia students wish to study in Australia country they also required needing a students visa subclass 500. Students need to submit it so before 3 months on which day have to go Australia for study. 

  • Required documents Australia Visa application visa fee around 29100.
  • Indian passport confirmation of enrollment from Australian University. 
  • Medical certificates results of IELTS with score at least 5.5 bands. 
  • Any work experience or academic experience documents. 
  • The statement with show evidence of students able to financially support their self at least for 12 months in Australia.

Canada Canadian student visa, the student who wish to get a permit to study in Canada they must admire Canadian Visa. For Receive need to some of the documents which have to submit to get students visa from Canada. 

  • Proof of English language proficiency in order to pass IELTS or Cambridge English advanced test TOFEL. 
  • Application formal letter of acceptance from University along with valid Indian passport. 
  • Financial evidence for students minimum of one year. 
  • Canada proof a medical examiners report and evidence that study permit. 
  • Application fees approx 9000.

UK student visa (United Kingdom) students of India who wish to professional study in the UK then they have to need to apply tier 4 visa.

  • This cost will be around 34000
  • Documents which require submissions for issue UK visa of a student study visa.
  • passport & An Application Form.
  • Visa application an Indian passport mark sheet certificate along with CAS from an institute. 
  • Evidence that will prove that students able to financially support their self-minimum for a year in the same country.

USA: It is most popular and admirable destination for the Indian students for study. In the USA getting students visa in this country is not to easier but it is doable for any dedicated student for a study. In this country need to primary F1 visa, this allowed the student to work part-time restricted to 20 hours.

  • To applying USA student visa need to submit some following data which has been mentioned. 
  • Application fee approx 14000
  • A passport for at least 6 months more period and course completed. 
  • A complete non-immigrant visa electronic application form, Know as DS-160 and confirmation page. 
  • A Financial support evidence for at least 1 year with Tuition costs, living expense within the country of USA. 
  • Evidence of English proficiency which can be received by TOFEL, IELTS passing out.
  • Academic record documents and some of the other documents like SAT, GRE, ACT. 
  • Original copy of I-20 form certificate of eligibility for students by US school or program Where are student want to take admission. 

Please Note: Students can only apply for F-1 when their Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified school in the USA. I-20 Form can get after paying the SEVIS-1901 fee, which additional cost is 10,800. To F-1 Fill Online Application Form DS-160. 

For more information about study in aboard students can contact Carrier advisor or counselor. 

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