Tips for Making Notes

By | July 28, 2019

Whether you are studying in school, college or even learning some professional course making notes is going to be very critical to boost your learning. All the bright students know the tips for making notes that’s why they are able to remember and recall the information whenever required. 

Tips for making notes 

Without knowing effective tips for making notes students will not be able to remember their study as mostly in textbooks there is the lot to learn.

In this article, we will share the important tips for making notes. By following below tips for making notes you will be able to make effective notes which will help your preparation by remembering or retaining knowledge while revision.

While making notes for exam and other must take care of the following things for better result of notes.

Tips for making notes

1) Prepare for making notes: This may sound pretty basic tips for making notes. Always remember to prepare for making notes by collecting all the materials prepared. Keep your pen or pencil, notebooks and all other necessary materials for making notes.

2) Understand your learning style: You have to understand that each person is unique so is their style of learning. Before you start to prepare to make notes recognize the pattern of learning style. If others are learning the way it is not necessary that you will be able to learn that way only.

3) Know the purpose of making notes: While preparing notes first know the purpose of making notes. You may prepare notes for quick revision or some for illustrative understanding. Notes can be prepared differently knowing the purpose of making notes.

5  Top Tips for Making Tips

4) Don’t write everything: The sole purpose of making notes is to refer it quickly, revise it whenever you want. While making notes you don’t need to write everything just write it in brief, short notes. With the reference of short notes, you can dive it deeper into the concept.

5) Listen carefully: Students make this mistake while making notes. They will start writing every word they word without much thought into it. You will have to understand that you cannot structure precise lines without understanding the topic so always listen carefully in the classroom before start writing it down.

6) Use shorthands: Researches confirm that average student can write around 1 word in 3 seconds while speaker with average speed can speak 2 words in 3 seconds. So it is not practically possible to write everything the speaker speaks. You should adopt some shorthand of few words and only write the important keywords.

7) Connect your notes with the syllabus: Top most tips for making notes is to link it with your syllabus. You should know that the benefits of making good notes should help you perform better in the examination which is not possible without covering your syllabus into your notes. So connect your notes with the syllabus.

8) Use Diagrams, Charts, Tables: Only those notes are effective which take less time to revise. There are no better ways than using visuals such as Diagrams, Tables, Charts etc. whenever required. As visuals make your notes more readable can give you more knowledge than long sentences or paragraphs in notes.

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