What is the role of friend circle to build a career || Reasons for having a good friend

By | August 30, 2018

Before I start my article about what is the role of the friend circle to build a career or reasons for having a good friend. I would like to throw valid arguments from the psychology perspective as Psychologists say you can easily guess where you will be five years from now on? 

What is the role of friend circle to build a career 

Answer of the all-important question is friend circle. There is the massive role of friend circle to build a career not just our professional life but it equally important and reasons for having a good friend.  

Yes, that’s possible to know. By knowing your future five years from now on. You can predict the lifestyle you will lead or income you must be having. And the trick of knowing such meticulous questions by knowing your friend circle. So you should choose your company by putting all thoughts which actually helps you in building a career.

Role of Friend Circle for student life 

It has been observed that you will have an almost similar range of income as your closest friends. You will talk about the same topics, interest areas will revolve around the similar fields.
I have seen friend circles where friends are hanging out at almost similar places. Harboured similar habits studying similar self-help book or not reading at all. 

How Friend Circle play role in build Career 

We don’t notice but actually, we become almost similar to our closest friends in the friend circle. If you are hanging out with friends who are not ambitious or motivated then they will bring you down too. 

Friends are like lift, Just like the function of life friends will either push you up or pull you down. Now it’s your choice to either going up or down.
Reason for having a good friend

Friends affect and build our personality it makes you better or worse. Trust me or not but we all are the by-product of people with we associate. Even if those friends no longer existed in our lives influences our character. 

How Friends can Teach about life 

Good Friend teaches you precious life skills. You must have experienced that some friend teaches you invaluable lessons about becoming emotionally strong or others helping us in advancing our career or helping in finding our soul mate. There is a friend who just makes us happier all the time we meet or talk. 

Close friends support you in most harsh difficulties. We realize the importance of having a Good friend in most trying situations when everything seems odd and difficult. In those difficult time, our close friends help us through in and out. 

A good friend doesn’t let you be lonely. Loneliness is very painful by having a good friend you never feel lonely. They will always cheer you up. 

Good Friends give us the true and honest reality check. Let’s say you are not prepared well for upcoming exams and still not realizing the importance of preparation and wasting time idly or you are becoming unhealthy by eating non-healthy food then none other than your good friend will give you the reality check, not some stranger will do such favours for you. 

Friend Circle helps in the development of personality. Your personality will be what your friends will be like. They will teach you all the important lesson, social interaction, communication skills, and all and everything.

Expert Tip: Everyone knows the importance of friend circle in building their career and personality but need to remember that Friendship is a give and take relationship. In order to have a good friend first, you need to be a good friend to others. 

Follow the golden rule in life treat others like you want to get treated by others. Based on such principles and values your friendship will blossom throughout the life and have such friend circle will definitely help in making a successful career ahead. 

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