Which is better Studying from Hostel or Home? || For Student Hostel Vs Home

By | August 27, 2018

If you are thinking studying from the hostel is a new evolution in modern times then you will have to think again. You will be amazed to know that Hostel has been prevalent in our Indian Society for a long time. In ancient times, Pupil studied in the gurukul under the guidelines and instructions of guru very similar to nowadays hostel system.

Do you know which is better studying from Hostel or Home?

We will share the advantages and disadvantages of Hostel life. Along with comparison for studying from home. 

“A place where many students live under the supervision of administration is called Hostel. The purpose of such hostels are to provide cheap accommodation to students came to study.” 

Hostel Life

Usually, Hostel is the place in the vicinity of the Educational Institute. Hostel residents pay the money at the expenses of accommodation. Students associate hostel life with military life where they have to follow all the rules and regulations of the administration.

Students in the hostel need to get up early in the morning and returning back to the hostel on time.

Advantages of Hostel Life

Hostel life makes students more self-dependent and helps to learn many new life hacks.
Students can focus solely on the studies. No other distractions.
Hoteliers become responsible for everything in life.

Generally, Students form a good strong core group of study mates which help immensely in life.
Students can get more opportunity of social interaction which helps in self-growth.

Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Students don’t feel the warmth and comfort of home while studying in a hostel.
There is not much freedom which may affect students.
In Hostel, there will be less privacy compared to home life.

Home Study

Home study is completely free form all such rules and restrictions. Students studying from home can study freely. Home life will provide them liberties to study at their wishes. In home life, you endowed with all the facilities, love, care, warmth. No longer need to wake up early morning, unlike hostel life.

Advantages of Home Study

Students will feel emotionally balanced while studying from home.
They can be around all the loved ones so will feel warmth and love.
The home study will provide the freedom and comfort in the study.

Disadvantages of Home Study

At times more freedom and comfort let them take life very easily instead of putting efforts in the study.  For everything, students become too much dependent on family members which hinder their self-growth.

Conclusion: As you can see studying from either hostel or home have their advantages and disadvantages. It is dependent upon students to take advantage of the place wherever they study. 🙂

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