Which Stream is best for average students? Decide Arts or Science?

By | May 7, 2019

Hello Students! We do hope that you should be doing great in academic life. Through this post, we are going to discuss the never-ending question Which stream is best Arts or Science? Which stream is best for average students? Mostly we are more focused on either top students and the one who got failed but what about those students who are fits neither into top students category nor into failed students category?

Which Stream is best for Average Students?

Deciding which Stream is best for Average students can not be answered in a straightforward manner. It should involve various factors like what you want to become? Which subjects excite you? What are your strong aspects of study etc? First, we will start with the benefits of studying in Science or Arts in brief. 

Benefits of Choosing Science 

As a student, if you consider yourself an average student and choosing science. After taking up science there are many facets of benefits. Some of them are 

  • After taking up Science stream after 10th Exam, will give you the opportunity to take any professional courses after Inter. Most of the popular professional courses such as Medical, Engineering, and Bioinformatics can be opted only by Science students. This gives you a great opportunity to join the industry as a professional.
  • Picking Science will give you more opportunities to get a good job. After taking science you will acquire certain skills which will help you in giving employment. 
  • As a science student, you will learn various new things form each science subjects which will give you a new perspective on life. For instance, Physics will thrill you, studying physics will tell you certain laws on this universe which is astonishingly correct. Biology gives you detailed information about Human Life, Plants life or living organism in general which will certainly help you in knowing life better internally. 
  • Cracking any competitive exams such as the prestigious Civil Service Exam, or other banking and management entrance exams would be easy compared to other stream students. It has been felt that most science students develop a greater analytical skill which helps them while appearing for any competitive exams. 
  • Science students get first-hand opportunity to experiment and understand things better. 

Benefits of Choosing Arts 

We have to admit this harsh reality of a society that most of the students opt Arts stream because of their poor marks in class 10 (Matric) Exam. Parents and teachers always discourage them for opting arts stream. But here we will share a few benefits of choosing Arts Stream which will certainly help you in change the perception about Arts Stream. 

  • While studying from Arts Stream doesn’t guarantee you a direct professional job but it helps you to shape career after course. Studying Arts provides you the opportunity to develop communication skill, logical skills, personality development. Acquiring those soft skills are certain demands of the today professional world. 
  • Arts Students have proficient soft skills which add in their personality. They are better at communicating, expressing and leading the team which is a skill most lacking in science stream. 
  • Many companies prefer Arts background students because they know how to work in a team environment. The adaptability of work culture is greater in arts students than other stream students. 
  • Students studying form Arts Stream often make false perception of not having better job opportunities. They don’t realize during the whole journey of student life they study a various subject such as History, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, etc. Extensively covering a large pool of subjects provide the opportunity to make a career in any desired fields or subject in the future. For instance, someone can become a psychologist after taking up psychology as their main subject. In a nutshell, Arts stream students have greater exposure of subjects compared to any other stream students. 

 What are the factors to consider while Deciding Arts or Science by Average Student?

Now, we know the benefits of taking up Arts or Science Stream. We have to decide which stream will suit me though we have seen that there are benefits of arts or science stream. Consider some factors while deciding Arts or Science students some of them are. 

Goal of Life 

We all have an inner desire to become like someone one day. Most of the students fantasize being a police officer in childhood. While growing up we idolize someone maybe in our family, society or celebrity to be like him/her. Do you have to decide whether this inner desire is still intact? and If it so then makes it as your Goal of Life. For that, you will have to decide which stream will suits you better towards your goal achievement. 

Subjects you love

Till class 10 we have to study all the subjects extensively. But students love studying some subjects compared to others. If you have some favorite subjects then align yourself while taking the decision to choose a stream after class 10. For e.g If you love studying social science and enjoy it to the core then you should take up Arts stream while if you enjoy Science subject then Science stream will better suit you. 

Subjects you hate 

This is a bitter truth but we don’t like some subjects. Even at some point, we start hating the subject because we feel that subject difficult to understand. This difficulty of the subject is a result of our interest and likings of the particular subject. No subject is difficult or easy, it’s our interest and attitude towards the subject make it difficult or easy. We suggest you identify those subjects which give you a headache. Students don’t like any particular subject should not align themselves towards them. 

Aptitude Test 

Keeping the sensitivity of the decision, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the Aptitude Test. Such kind of Test assesses the chance of a person to get some success in the activity. Each person has a different ability to acquire some skills and through such tests, we can better understand their analytical and logical pattern. This can be a very systematic and scientific way to identify students skill set to fit in either Arts or Science Stream. 

Conclusion: Each student is unique and they should not be categorized solely on the basis of academic performance in class 10. Marks scored by a student in class 10 is important but we should consider other factors also while deciding Which Stream is best for average students.

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