Why Government Colleges are better than Private Colleges for Professional Courses

By | May 6, 2019

Choosing a college after Intermediate (10+2) exam decides their future life. The college determines what kind of job they will get, Career Growth, Standard of life, etc. It is quite natural for students to get anxious while choosing a college. In our cut-throat competition, we are quite aware of how difficult it has been to take admission in good colleges. Your marks scored in 10+2 Exam impacts a lot. 

We have felt that despite marks scored by students end up taking admission in private college who advertise bombarded. Through this article, we are going to address the subject of Why Government Colleges are better than Private Colleges for Professional Course. You will learn various factors which differentiate Government and Private Colleges. 

Why Government Colleges are better than Private Colleges?

Some of the Government Colleges famous for their Professional Courses in different fields such as Engineering, Management, Law, etc. We are not merely focusing on these elite colleges like IIT, IIM, IISC Hyderabad National Law School. In general, Government colleges hold advantages over Private institutions. 

Studying in both Government Colleges and Private Colleges have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s understand the factors which differentiate them. 

Tuition Fee of College 

In India, the most important advantages of studying in Government Colleges are their low tuition fee.  Moreover for some students comes from reserved categories get either complete tuition fee waived off or very nominal tuition fee. Now, Government has also introduced the provision of Economically Weaker Section for someone despite hailing from upper caste can get the benefits. 

While we know that Tuition fee for private colleges providing professional courses is astronomically high. Fee structure of Private Colleges is decided by College or Universities Management, not by the government. In some cases, you will notice the comparison of Tuition Fee between Private and Government Colleges will be quite significant. 

In a nutshell, If you are among those students who feel tuition fee might be a big concern for you while taking admission for higher studies in professional courses then Government Colleges should be your first priority. 

Academic Faculty of College 

There is no denying fact that Teaching faculty of Government colleges are more qualified and experienced. All the teaching staffs went through good teaching training and reach theirs through competition. Lecturers get high salary and more perks compared to private colleges faculty. While Government College faculty teach less no of hours with respect to private colleges. Students graduating from Government colleges fare much better in National Level competition than Private college students. 

Although Private College faculty devote more hours into their lectures they always feel the shortage of teaching staffs. Most of the teachers lack experience of teaching though there are some very reputed Private colleges which do much better than others. Some of the students might find them more friendly and easy approachable compared to Government Colleges. 

Infrastructure of College

Infrastructure is one area where private colleges have done much better than Government Colleges. A good number of Government colleges lack in infrastructure, they don’t have proper laboratory or apparatus to carry out the experiment activities. Due to the nature of the slow process in government institutions, the requirement of any types of equipment takes a long time to meet the requirements. While Some of the Government Colleges have excellent infrastructure but most of the Government Colleges suffers. 

Most of the Private Colleges have excellent infrastructure and facilities. While visiting such Private Colleges you will get all the facilities along with academic facilities such as Food, WiFi, Lab, Equipment, Campus of College, etc.

Recognition of College 

 Probably one of the most important factors which differentiate Government and Private colleges are their accreditation and recognition. While graduating from government colleges, your professional degree will be accepted all over. 

You cannot be convinced about the same for private colleges. There are colleges which run as an autonomous college hence decide their curriculum. While some of the Private colleges abide University curriculum. We suggest that doing higher studies in a professional course from a college have university degree curriculum over autonomous curriculum is always beneficial. 


This discussion cannot be completed without mentioning placement. You put best efforts to get good college in professional courses to get placement. Government college has higher records of providing highest packages each year. Some of the top Government colleges in engineering is quite popular mainly because of their placement track records which attract students. 

Placement track record is not quite encouraging in private colleges. Though there are very good private colleges having excellent placement track records. We cannot decide by seeing a placement track record of one private college. Some of the private colleges even faked their placement records. 

Students should be very aware and visit the college before deciding to take admission for higher studies in professional courses. 

Conclusion: In our life, each morning we start by making certain decisions. Be it waking up in the morning early or not, doing meditation or exercises or not? Each day starts with such a situation where we have to take a decision but we will be agreed on the part, that some of our decision impacts our life short term while some decisions have long term impact.

Choosing the right college at the right time are one of those decisions we make in our life which impacts throughout our lives. As a student, this decision will be your one of the most crucial decision of life hence we want you to give you glimpses of scenarios through this article to make the decision wisely. 

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