Why Students should vote in India?

By | April 15, 2019
Hello Readers! We all are experiencing the fever of General Election in India. India is proudly the largest democracy in the world. Our students (Youth) like you are the biggest numbers in the world for a future generation. Mostly We get a holiday on election day but we either chose to sit idle in our cozy room or just go out to celebrate our holiday. Through this article, we will cover the all-important reason why students should vote. 

Importance of Voting in India 

India is such an amazing country where we celebrate each and every election as one of the festivals. While almost every citizen seems to be an expert on complaining. I often hear the government should do this or that, should change this decision. On Election Day when election commission of India released their numbers, we find almost half the population is missing to even cast their vote. They prefer not to vote, this attitude is even more prevalent among students. 
Why Students should vote in India?
While there is a general tendency among most of the students they don’t take part in any such elections. Students who are eligible to cast their vote just think it as a non-significant event. There are a few reasons which should convince them to cast their vote. 
1. It may seem non-important now but will be vastly important in future
Most of the students think while voting as if they are voting/choosing a particular candidate but that’s not entirely true. While through voting you choosing the ideology of the particular party and it will also define the actions which will be laid down by the chosen government in future. For eg., if there is a candidate which feel students loan and interest should be decreased and that candidate doesn’t win then there is all possibility that other candidate who wins will not even ponder about students loan and interest as an issue. 
2. It’s your future on Stake
Yes!! Students should understand that it’s you whose future is on the stake. Nature and actions taken by the newly formed Government will play a huge role in your future. Any decision made by People of India especially students will affect the shape of future India whether it be good or bad. In case student like you are thinking that anyways older generation will cast their vote and chose the Government then think twice as Older generation way of thinking and preference will be entirely different from yours. 

What is Right to Vote?
Our Constitution of India has granted the Right to vote for eligible Indian citizens to exercise their Right to vote. Eligible Indian citizens can exercise their vote in any level of elections such as General Election, Assembly elections or Municipal Corporation Elections. 
It’s important to note that Voting is not a fundamental right but it’s a right granted by the Constitution of India. 
Who Can Vote?
Any citizen of India who is above 18 years of age has a sound mind. 
A voter can vote only one at the constituency where they have registered themselves.
How the Government of India knows about eligible Citizen?
Individuals need to register themselves as Citizen of India. After the approval by Election Commission of India, they can exercise their vote in upcoming National, State or any other local elections. 
Benefits of Voting 
There are few benefits of Voting 
1. Voting decide your future: Through voting, you can decide your future and country. 
2. If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain
3. Voting gives you the opportunity to choose your Government. 
4. You have the right to remove the non-fit candidates. 
What to do if you don’t like any Candidate?
If you are among those who want to vote but don’t like any of the candidates from your constituency. For such an extraordinary situation, the Supreme Court of India provided us the option of rejecting all the candidates contesting an election. 
Supreme Court instructed the Election Commission of India to make a provision for None of the Above (NOTA). Now henceforth you will see the option of None of the Above in Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). 
We are the next generation of India and you think there are certain things which need to be changed then use your power of voting. 

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