Why using Internet is good for Teenagers? || Effect of Internet on Teenagers

By | August 24, 2018

Parents more often think a child is wasting the time if they are on the Internet. It has been so common thinking among parents that we also start thinking likewise. Although you will be quite surprised to know that recent research has proved otherwise that actually spending time on the Internet is good for the development of Teenagers. 

 Why using the Internet is good for Teenagers? 

There are a number of reasons why the internet is good for teenagers. Actually surfing on the web, socializing on the social network sites and even playing the online game affect positively in the development of children. 

You will agree with me that the Internet is kind of a double-edged sword for teenagers having both advantages and disadvantages. At the time we develop such negative perception to the internet that forgets about its advantages. 

Effect of the Internet on Teenagers 

The Internet provides so many opportunities for learning that almost it has become the new parameter of literacy. So it is almost not possible to stop our teenagers to use the Internet. Internet and children will go hand in hand and we will have to let them learn ways the internet is useful for children.

Ways to use the internet for benefit of teenagers

Help them be creative

Internet will help children and teenagers to be creative as they are loads of resources available on the internet for music, dance, arts, literature if teenagers are curious to learn then they can learn it which will also help them be creative by using the internet effectively.

Learn Learn Learn

The internet provides the ocean of knowledge so by gaining information available online teens can learn so many things.

Staying ahead from the crowd

In the days of computing and information, no one can deny the importance of technical skills. Students can master such technical skills by using the internet.


The internet can provide various online games which will help in distressing students (teenagers) stressful life.

Staying in touch with friends

Friends and families are an inseparable part of life. The Internet has helped students staying in touch with their friends and families.

Those are some of the wonderful ways to use the internet for good of students and teenagers. Write to us about how you take the advantage of the internet? 

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