In Bihar State Class 1st to 5th Class Study in Local Tone / Home Language

By | June 5, 2021

Now soon in Bihar State, All Government Class 1st 5th Class Education will be in Local Tone / Home Langue of the Students. In this modern time speaking in local Tone understanding in backward people, Now Schooling class of 1st to 5th will be in Local Tone. The State Government of Bihar has been written a letter to all DEO to collect the record of the students of the Local Language / Mother Language and Local tone.

Class 1st to 5th Education in Local Language 

As per Education Department SCERT will be prepare class 1st to 5th Study curriculum for study. Students will be learning science and another important subject in the same language and they will also give exams in the same laguage. Evaluation of the Exam copy will be on the same basis. 

Benefits for It Teaching in Local Tone / Language 

Students will be able to able to learn & understand in a better way if they learn and study in the local tone. The concerned department has been also written a letter to the all-school headmaster and principal. 

 Post  Class 1st to 5th Education in Local Language / Tone 
 State   Bihar 
 Class  1st to 5th 
  Study Lanaguage  Local Language / Mother Lanauge / Tone 
 Benefits 1  Able to Understand 
 Benefits 2  To to remeber 
 Exam Lanaguage  Local & Mother Language 
 Status  Soon Start 

अब कक्षा 1 से 5 तक की पढाई होगा लोकल भाषा में | जल्द ही बिहार के सभी स्कूल में 1 से 5 कक्षा तक की विधार्थी अब अपने घर की बोली जाने वाली भाषा में पढ़ सकेंगे स्कूल में | पढ़ाई के साथ – साथ परीक्षा में भी अपने एरिया में बोली / गांव की टोन बाली भाषा में पढाई और परीक्षा की सुविधा होगा |

Bihar Project Council Official Website 

आप इस नए चीज जो की बिहार की स्कूल में जारी की जा रही है उसके बारे में क्या समझते है – क्या – प्रभाव पड़ेगा / फायदा होगा – हमे कमेंट करके बताये |

Bihar State Govt Give Money to Buy Books 

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