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By | February 11, 2021

Bihar Board on the 11th February 2021 conducted MB Subject Examination. In this exam, Ex-students have to participate in the exam. Students who failed in the previous year in the exam such students have filled the exam form. Students who have a compartment in MB English ( English 50 Marks ) also took part in the exam. As you know for the year 2020 Board hasn’t taken the Compartment Exam. Hence students after appearing in the Exam willing to Download Bihar Board 12th English 50 Marks Objective Answer key 2021 for 50 Marks Exam.

Passing in the MB English ( Alt English ) is compulsory for every student who has taken this subject. Here we would like to tell you that MB Language is a compulsory subject.  

Bihar Board 12th MB English 50 Number Objective Answer Key 2021 

Choose the suitable meaning of the phrase
Answer – A – Accept

2. You are honest, I will trust you.
Answer – B – Yet you are honest, I will trust you.

3. One of the students………passed the examination.
Answer – D – Were

4. Rita is arriving………..eight of clock in the morning.
Answer – A_ At

5. I like to take coffer……….the evening.
Answer – C — In

6. He teaches English.
Answer B – English is taught by him.

7. You are coming to…… next Saturday?
Answer – B the

8. She is writing a Letter.
Answer B – A letter is being written by her

9. Choose the suitable meaning of the phrase – blow up
Answer – A – Explode

10. Choose the correctly spelled word
Answer – Custom

MB English 50 Objective Answer 2021 

11. God is good………. me
Answer_ A For

12. Who makes a noise?
Answer_ D who is making noise.

13. My mother studies……….a university.
Answer – B – in

14. Choose the suitable meaning of the phrase to lose heart
Answer B to feel sad

15. He tried his best. He couldn’t pass the test.
Answer D- He try his best: still he couldn’t pass the test

16. Hurry up, or …………. mist the bus
Answer – A We will

17. He has been………..leave for a month
Answer C – Granted

18. I saw him………… for you.
Answer A – Waiting

19. Portuguese is spoken by people in Brazil.
Answer – D People speak Portuguese in Brazil.

20. Choose the correctly spelled word.
Answer – A – Almost

21. Choose the suitable meaning of the phrase: look into
Answer – C – to investigate

22. I ……… asked by them to be sincere.
Answer A – Was

23. ………….. Bible is a holy book.
Answer – C The

24. He usually ……… to my hostel.
Answer – A Comes

25. Choose the correctly spelt word
Answer A – Theatre

26. While you were reading, I…………. sleeping.
Answer C Was

27. The poor ……..helpless.
Answer A – is

28. Moha was ……. hurt in a car accident.
Answer – B – Serious

29. He ………… reading a novel.
Answer – D loves

30. We are meeting ……….. lunchtime next Thursday
Answer – B at

31. Who composed the poem The soldier?
Answer – A Rupert Brooke

Bihar Inter MB English 50 Marks Objective Answer 2021 

32. W. B yeats belong to the ………….. century.
Answer – B Seventeenth

33. Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay but was educated in
Answer – England

34. Who wrote the poem the Daffodils?
Answer – A – William Wordsworth

35. The poem if has been addressing to a
Answer – A – son

36. The poet saw ………… daffodils at a glance.
Answer – A – nearly ten thousand

37. Without ……….. nothing can be enjoyed.
Answer – B Good health

38. Good manners come from having.
Answer – B sympathy with others

39. Who was David’s great aunt?
Answer – C Betsey

40. Who is the writer of David Copperfield?
Answer A Charles Dickens

41. The photographer made the author wait for
Answer D half an hour

42. Modern Civilisation has been compared to
Answer C Desert

43. with whome does david lives while at the wine factory
Answer – C Mr. Mieawber

44. Who is with Dora when she dies.
Answer B Her Aunt

45. Who was the daughter of Mr. Wickfied?
Answer – A – Agence

46. Mr. Wickfied suffers from
Answer – A – Alcoholism

47. Walter de la mare is popular know as
Answer – A nature poet

48. Letter writing destroys
Answer – C – relationship

49. Who wrote the piece, our own Civilization?
Answer – C.E.M Joad

50. Who was not afraid of death?
Answer – A – The soldier

Bihar Board Intermediate MB English 50 Marks Objective Answer keys 

 Post  Bihar Board 12th Alt English Objective Answer key 
 Exam Date  11th February 2021 
 Class  Intermediate Arts / Science / Commerce 
 Subject  MB English 50 Marks 
 Exam Sitting  1st Sitting 
 Total Marks  50 
 Need to Answer  25 Objective Questions 
Bihar Board 12th English MB Objective Answer key 

In the English 50 Marks subject Board given a total of 50 Objective ( Multiple Choice Questions) In which students have to answer any of the 25. Each objective Questions carry 01 Marks. There is no negative marking system in this. BSEB official Answer key of Alt MB English will be released by the Bihar Board. To download the Answer key all sets of Objective Answer key students need to visit website. 

Bihar 12th MB English Objective Answer Key 2021? 

To download the Bihar Board Class 12th Intermediate MB Matri Bhasha English 50 Marks Exam Objective Answer key for all sets you have to wait till the 1st week of March. then you have to follow the below-given procedure. 

Step 1: Log on to the Bihar Board Official Website at 

Step 2: Then go to the latest update section in Circular. 

Step 3: Search Matri Bhasha English Objective Answer key 2021. 

Step 4: Click on the concerned link, all sets of questions Answer key will be open. 

You can save or download the page and match your Answers. 

 NRB Hindi 50 Marks Objective Answer key  Download Here 
 Bihar Board Official Website  Visit Now 

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