Bihar Board Inter English 100 Marks Guess Questions || BSEB 12th LL English Short & Long Question

By | April 2, 2023

Hey, students are you going to appear in the Bihar board 100 Marks English Exam 2020. Do Prepare for the Inter English 100 Marks Examination. This all English Short and Long Questions are prepared from the Bihar Board Class 12th English Book latest syllabus. 

BSEB English Exam 12th Questions Short & Long

Bihar Board Inter English 100 Marks Important Guess Questions

On the 10th Feb 2020 Bihar Board Inter Objective Questions with Answer released for Match Answer. 

  1. Write Summary of any poem
  • My Grandmother’s House
  • Song of Myself
  • Now the leaves are falling fast
  • The Soldier
  1. Write Summary of ( Prose Section)
  • The Earth
  • India Through A Traveller’s Eyes
  • A Pich of Snuff
  • How free is the Press
Bihar Board Inter LL English Short and Long Questions
  1. Write a brief note on Global English
  2. Write a note on old English
  3. Write a note on English. As the second language of India.
  4. Why has English been a popular Language? Give three reasons.
  5. What is drama? What are the dramatic elements?
  6. That realization led to borrowing from different languages?
  7. Did language play a role in human development?
  8. Why does the speaker ( Kamla Das) Say that she has lost her way?
  9. What is the main differenced between Indian and ern Civilization?
  10. Why is Zakir Husain Overwhelmed?
  11. Give answer on the chapter concepts.
  • They who love one-another keep Alive, N’er parted bee”
  • It never forgets, and twenty years since As I consigned my firstborn to the flame.
  • How feeble is man’s power
  • The voice of education….. finis him off.
  • The fire at times forgets… sing of forgetfulness.

( Prose Section)

  • When we speak of “Freedom of Press……….”
  • I have a dream that one day this nation will rise and live out the true meaning of its creed.
  • This means that the cheap daily paper which goes everywhere has the most influence.

Letter Application Writing section

  1. Write an application to the principal of your school/college for your T.C ( Transfer Certificates).
  2. Write an application to the principal for three days’ leave.
  3. Write a letter to your friend, asking him to come and stay with you after the examination:
  4. Write a letter to your father, asking him to send 1000 rupees.
  5. Write an application to Your Block Head for installing Pole light in your area.

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