Bihar Board inter Exam 2019 Biology Questions Paper || Objective / Short and Long Answer type

By | April 2, 2023

BSEB: Bihar School Examination Board on the 06th Feb 2019 all-district in Bihar successfully conducted Biology Subject Exam from the Science Stream students. Students who have taken Biology as an optional or as additional subject participates in the exam. 

Below we have listed all the questions which have been asked in the biology examination 2019. 

BSEB 12t 2019 Biology Short Answer type questions

In the Question paper in short answer type question total 18 questions asked, in it students have to answer any of the 10 Question answers only.

BSEB 12th Biology Long Answer Type Question 2019

In the Biology Inter Exam 2019 Total, 6 questions asked 19 to 24. Students have to answer any of the 03 questions from the asked 06 questions.

Questions number 01 to 18 Short Answer type Questions 

  1. Describe the law of segregation with any one example
  2. Differentiate between Euchromation and Heterochromatin.
  3. What are analogous organs? Give any two examples.
  4. Differentiate between Rampithecus and Dryopithecus.
  5. Describe transcription in Brief.
  6. Comment upon Klinefelter Syndrome.
  7. Comment upon G.M.O
  8. Explain Bio-piracy in brief.
  9. What is Amoebiasis? Name its pathogen and Describe the Symptoms of Disease.
  10. Describe the ill-effects of alcohol.
  11. Comment upon innate immunity.
  12. What are adaptations? Explain with Examples.
  13. What is inbreeding?
  14. Draw well labeled diagram of the female reproductive system in humans.
  15. Comment upon ex-situ conservation.
  16. What are allergies? Describe its symptoms in brief.
  17. Comment upon Ethical Issue in context of modern biological advancement.
  18. Differentiate between Commensalims and Amensalims.

Long Answer type Questions

  1. What are microbes? Describe their role in human welfare in brief.
  2. What do you mean by sex? Discuss the different type of sex determination in brief.
  3. Comment upon cancer in brief.
  4. What is pisciculture? Describe any one method of its treatment in brief.
  5. What is sewage? Describe any one method of its treatment in brief.
  6. Draw a detailed diagram of DNA and Label in Properly.


  Students Review 

Students are happy this year and firstly said thanks to the Bihar School Examination Board to conducting exam in this way. All the students are very happy about implementing the new pattern of providing Answer key and OMR Sheet. From this academic session, students get pre-printed students basic information such as name, roll number, roll code. Students just have to write and colour OMR only exam question paper set and signature on that.

Get Bihar Board 12th Bio Multiple choice question Answer

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