Bihar Intermediate Model Papers 2018 of Bio | BSEB 12th Sample Paper of Biology download details

By | April 2, 2023

Bihar School Examination Board has been uploaded the BSEB Intermediate Model Question Papers for Download to the students and practice with that. There is only one set of Bihar 12th Latest Sample bio Papers 2018. This Feb 2018 Online Mock Test Papers or Bihar Board 12th Biology revised pattern Science stream question paper help students to get an extact idea about the Bihar Board Intermediate examination of Biology subject. The huge number of students were searching for the online Model Papers 2018 download Bihar Board Biology Subject, Sample Paper PDF Download 2018 Bihar Biology & Bihar School Education Board BSEB Bio 2018 sample paper. 

Bihar Board 12th Class Model Papers 2018 Biology Revised pattern 

You may want to know the number of a question of Biology objective type, In this subject exam, there will be 35  MCQ ( Multiple Choice Question) Answers. It advises the students to do more and more practice with the objective types question of all the subject for which going to appear. In the Bihar Board 12th Biology Model Question Paper 2018 for Science short and long question also will be asked. We hope that Bihar Intermediate Model Papers 2018 of Bio will help to know get the overall idea about the BSEB 12th Biology Question Paper 2018.

Bihar Intermediate Model Papers 2018 of Biology 

Below are all details of Bihar board Biology question paper- Source > Bihar Intermediate Modal Papers 2018 Paper of Biology is Bihar School Examination Board, Patna Official website 

Model Paper (Biology) 
Time : 3 Hrs. + 15 Minute (Extra) [Total Marks : 70]
(All questions are compulsory)
(There is No negative marking for any wrong answers)
Objective type questions)
Total Number of Question – 35 

Total Marks for Objective – 35 
(Answer should be in your own language as far as practicable)
(Electronic gadgets like calculator, cell phone, pager are strictly prohibited)

(The answer to objective questions is to be provided OMR sheet by completely darkening the appropriate answer option. For example, if the answer is (c) you should darken it as shown by blue/black pen. (a) (b) ( c) (d)

there are 1 to 35 objective type questions with 4 options choose the correct option which is to be answered on OMR Sheet. Each question carries one mark.   

1. Which of the following is false fruit? a. Apple b. Mango c. Banana d. None of these

2. WIDAL TEST is done to confirm a. Malaria b. Typhoid c. Dengue d. None of these

3. Binary fission occurs in a. Water hyacinth b. Lotus c. Amoebad. None of these

4. Cross-Pollination occurs through water is known as a. Anemophily b. Hydrophily c. Entomophily d. All of these

5. Which of the following is a Sexually transmitted disease? a. Malaria b. AIDS c. Dengue d. None of these

6. Which of the following is known as hereditary material? a. DNA b. Protein c. Fat d. All of these

7. The concept of Lac-operon was given by a. Watson & Crick b. Beadle & Tatum c. Miller & Urey d. Jacob & Monod

8. Which microbe is used in the manufacturing of bread a. Algae b. Anabena c. Baker’s Yeast d. None of these

9. Which of the following fixes atmospheric nitrogen? a. Cyanobacteria b. Algae c. Virus d. None of these

10. PCR is used in a. Amplification of special segment of DNA b. Amplification of enzyme c. Amplification of Protein d. All of these

11. Genetically engineered human insulin is made by a. Bacterium b. Fungus c. Plant d. Yeast

12. Golden rice is enriched with Vitamin a. A b. C c. D d. E

13. The term ecosystem was coined by a. Morgan b. A. G. Tansley c. Lamarck d. None

14. The second trophic level in the lake is a. Phytoplanktons b. Zooplanktons c. Both A and B d. None
15. Which of the following are known as the greenhouse gas? a. CO2 b. Methane c. CFC d. All of these
16. Which of the following are extinct a. Dodo b. Red Panda c. Steller’s Cow d. All of these
17. Gemmules formed in a. Hydra b. Sponge c. Yeast d. All of these

18. The edible part of litchi is a. Tegmen b. Endosperm c. Integuments d. Aril

19. Phosphorus is an important constituent of a. Nucleic acid b. Plasma membrane c. Cellular energy transport system d. All

20. Which of the following disease is spread by Protozoan Parasite? a. Amoebiasis b. Malaria c. Kala-azar d. All

21. The virus which causes cancer is known as a. Oncogenic Virus b. Bacteriophage c. TMV d. None 

22. Green plants are known as producers, which a. Convert light energy into chemical energy. b. Convert chemical energy into light energy. c. Both a and b d. None of these

23. Production of fruit without fertilization is known as a. Apogamy b. Apomixis c. Parthenogenesis d. All of these

24. Chiasma formation occurs during a. Mitosis cell division b. Amitosis cell division c. Meiosis cell division d. None of these

25. The acrosome is a part of a. DNA b. RNA c. Spermatozoa d. All of these

26. Ozone layer found in a. Troposphere b. Exosphere c. Mesosphere d. Stratosphere

27. Which is used to see the DNA in laboratory a. Carmine b. Aniline blue c. Ethidium bromide d. All of these

28. Which of the following cry gene prevents the crop from borer. a. Cry I Abb. Cry II Ab c. Cry Ac d. All of these

29. Pyramid of energy is a. Always downward b. Always upright c. Both a and b d. None

30. Which of the following is known as bio-fertilizer? a. cyanobacyteria b. Virus c. Bacteriophage d. All of these

31. Which of the following fixes nitrogen in symbiotic association a. Volvox b. Rhizobium c. Chara d. None of these

32. Which of the following enhances nutritive quality of soil ? a. Chemical fertilizer b. compost c. Bio-fertilizeer d. B and C

33. Human blood groups are a. A, B, C and Ob. B, C, D and O c. A, B, AB and O d. All of these

34. Catla fish found in a. Freshwater b. Both freshwater & hard water c. Hard water d. None

35. Which bacteria is helpful in the conversion of milk to curd a. Streptococcus b. Lactobacillus c. Anabaena d. None 

Above we have provided the Bihar Intermediate Modal Papers 2018 BSEB 12th objective type question which gives you idea about the chapter and pattern of question which might be asked. 12th Model Questions Papers 2018 / Bihar Intermediate Biology. Below we have provided the short and longs type question format of Inter Mediate 12th Class Exam paper for BSEB biology question paper which uploaded at the website of Bihar School Examination Board. 

Write the Answer to any 10 question in 50-70 words. Each question carries 2 marks.

1. Write any four benefits of Micro-propagation.

2. Describe parthenium weed.

3. What is an adaptation? Name the two types of adaptation.

4. What is transcription? Write in brief.

5. What do you understand by organic evolution?

6. How is rabies caused? Write about its symptoms and control measures in brief.

7. Write short notes on Plasmids.

8. Write down two important symptoms of Down’s syndrome.

9. What do you understand by Restriction enzyme ? Give the name of any two.

10. Describe in brief any three functions of antibodies.

11. What do you understand by Gene-cloning? Explain in brief.

12. Explain what is global warming?

13. Write short notes on Bt cotton.

14. Write about Jumping gene (transposons)

15. Write about any four objectives of plant breeding. 

Now below is the long type question answers. Students can find more question in the brilliant guess paper 2018 of Biology. This book can be found at the nearby bookstore by telling brilliant guess paper 2018 Bihar board biology.  

Long answer type question :

Write the answer of any three from the following questions in about 150 to 250 words. Each question carried 5 marks.

16. Give an account of the methods and importance of Apiculture

How are microbes essential for human welfare? Explain.

17. Discuss Mendel’s law of Inheritance.


What are homologous and analogous organs? Explain with suitable examples.

18. Differentiate between the following: a. PCR . b. DNA fingerprinting b. Immunization d. ELISA

Give an account of the processes of Recombinant DNA technology. 

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Here is the link to BSEB model paper 2017 with answer 12th of Biology official – Click here to download of Bihar board 12th Science question paper.  Hope that your search for the Bihar board 12th model papers, brilliant guess paper Bihar board for Biology and brilliant gas paper 2018 download bio. Clikc to download other model question paper -official BSEB 

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