Biology Exam Bihar Board 2020 Questions of Practical Exam in Hindi PDF

By | October 16, 2020

BSEB 12th Biology 2020 Questions of Practical Examination. Students who are going to appear in the upcoming examination they can know the structure of questions and format of exam. Students are able to know which chapter is important. Let me provide you Bihar board Intermediate Biology Practical Examination Questions. Students can download Biology Practical Examination Questions of 2020 exam.

Bihar Board Inter Biology Practical Exam Questions 

 Board Bihar School Examination Board, Patna
 Category Download
 Exam Date 10/01/2020 to 21/01/2020
 Subject Biology
 Exam Name Practical
 Language Hindi & English
  Download Link  Available
 Format PDF / Text
 State  Bihar

BSEB XIIth Biology Practical Exam Questions 2020

Candidate are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

Figure in the right-hand margin indicates full marks.

15 Minutes of extra time has been allotted for the candidate to read the questions.

Section – A 15 ( 5+5+2×1/2+2×1/2)

Section – B 05 ( 5×1)

Section – C 05

Section – D 2×1/2+2×1/2

Section A

(a)Study and write about the flowers adapted to pollination by an insect.


Dissect the given flower (A) and describe the reproductive parts with well-labelled diagram.

  • China Rose OR Sunflower.

(b) Study and describe about the given permanent slide (B) with the help of a diagram.

(B) ->T.S. of Gastrula of Rabbit.

2 (a) Comment upon the aquatic adaptation of the given museum specimen (C).

(C)Jelly Fish or Frog


Describe hydrophytic characters of the given plant specimen (D) with suitable diagram.

(D) Hydrilla OR Eichhornia


(D) Justify the presence of carbohydrate in the given chemical solution (D) with the help of suitable biochemical test.

(D) Glucose solution OR sucrose solution.

(b) Determine moisture content and pH of the given material (E).

(E) -> Field soil.


Compare the flower holding capacity of the given soil samples E1 and E2.

E1= Pot soil

E2= Field Soil

Section B

  • Comment upon any five of the following spots.

Museum specimen of –

The whole mount of Ascaris lumbricoides/ Earthworm /Hydra.

  • Model / Chart:

Study of the circulatory system of Frog OR nervous system of Cockroach.

  • Permanent slide –

Interphase of Mitosis cell division OR Metaphase of Mitosis OR

  • Plant specimen –

Water lily OR Eichhornia OR Cuscuta.

  • Seed:

Rice OR Wheat OR Pea.

  • Fruits

Orange OR Apple OR Banana

  • Permanent slide

T.S. of mammalian Tests OR Plasmodium in human blood OR T.S. of Mammalian Ovary.

(Vii) Inflorescence:

Tulsi OR Coriander Or Mustard.

Section C

Practice Record and Project Report.

Section D

Viva-Voice based on class practical Record and Project works.

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